Winter Beauty in Brisbane – Our Top Tips for a Glowing Winter Complexion

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Winter Beauty in Brisbane – Our Top Tips for a Glowing Winter Complexion

So far I have lived in Brisbane for around 7 weeks and I am still struggling to accept that this is winter! As a native of Scotland and after a brief domicile in Melbourne this winter that you speak off has not quite registered with me, its more like a balmy Scottish summers day!

Ok, my internal heating system of being 38 weeks pregnant may have something to do  with that, but winter in Brisbane is delightful so far, wouldn’t you agree?

That being said, for those acclimatised with the Brisbane weather, winter can mean your skin takes a battering. Keep reading to check out our top tips for winter beauty in Brisbane, especially for your skin!

Mums of Brisbane’s top tips for glowing winter skin

Actual photo of my skin in winter…
Fall in love with oils 

Winter is such a good time to hydrate.  With less humidity in the air you might find that your skin and hair are slightly drier just because of the change in climate.

If you haven’t made the leap to oils yet this is your chance.  I use oils for everything – cleansing my face, moisturising my body, using in the bath, exfoliating (mixed with a handful of oats), a deep treatment and defrizzing agent for my hair, and more recently as emotional support for me and the family with essential oils diffused through the home.

If you are new to oil it can be quite overwhelming when trying to choose which oil is best.

I highly recommend keeping it simple and opting for a skin care system that uses natural oils as its basis. I’m in love with Australian made skincare system by Baimeni.

You can pick and choose which products you want to use on a daily basis but, at such a great price for a full skincare system, I fully believe in treating yourself to the set.

Can you use oil if your skin is oily?


I love the Baimeni almond cleanser in the shower after removing my makeup as it’s so gentle. I feel that it is protecting my face from the drying effects of water plus their face oil is purely botanical AND packs a punch with 9 nourishing oils its quite the treat for parched skin.

If you prefer to keep it really budget friendly start your love affair with oils by keeping a jar of raw coconut oil in the shower apply all over to wet skin for a long lasting all over body moisturiser, apply to dry hair before shampooing or as a leave in oil for dry ends…use sparingly in hair if your hair is more on the oily side, or throw a scoop of oil in the running bath water for a super skin nurturing bath.

Try it out and experiment!

You can sample the Baimeni oils by signing up here if you like to try before you buy. All you have to do cover is the postage and handling!

Wear More Makeup  (Yes – You read that correctly!)

Before we moved to Queensland we came for a few summertime visits in an attempt to gauge whether we could handle the weather, the steamy humidity and the unrelenting sun.

One thing I learned quickly was that I really didn’t need much makeup.

Now I’m a firm believer in the fact that no one needs makeup, its purely a choice, an indulgence, an extension of your personal style if you want it to be.

A tinted SPF teamed with a groomed brow and bright lip will be my summer go to makeup look as I’m mildly concerned anything heavier would slip off as fast as my wedding ring might in a brief interlude with Justin Timberlake.

So, in winter why not take the opportunity to experiment with makeup? You might like to try a slightly heavier base and a dark lip for a winter addition to your repertoire. Burgundy is beautiful in the winter months think  plums and cranberries try a deep berry lip stain if you are new to wearing lip colour try something nourishing like ERE PEREZ BEAUTIFUL BEETROOT CHEEK & LIP TINT JOY or if you are more accustomed to wearing a dark lip try a rich plum finish such as Inika’s Dark Cherry keep the look light and modern with a sweep of highlighter on the tops of cheekbones/temples.

Winter is such a fun time to try and experiment with the richer, more sumptuous colour palettes in your wardrobe and your makeup bag.  Check out our winter beauty Pinterest board for more lavish winter inspiration.

Try to take some time for yourself.
Make time for you and your skin 

If you’re a busy mum (is there any other kind!?) you may have let your self-care slip when it comes to your beauty routine.

Allow yourself some me time on a weekly basis whether it’s a relaxing bath at home or booking yourself in for a facial.

Choose to treat you and your skin from the inside out.  Keep your hydration levels up.  Drink water or cold brewed teas that you can make up in the morning and sip throughout the day- I love raspberry leaf tea (which I found through pregnancy) but is also great for balancing hormones and improving energy levels.

If you can’t get out to a spa run a bath with epsom bath salts (an awesome exfoliator and magnesium boost), a scoop of coconut oil and you could even throw in some dried rose petals!  Keep the water lukewarm and not too hot so you don’t dry out your skin, a few drops of lavender essential oil and a DIY face mask might be all you need to feel more like yourself again.

After all you might be mummy 100% of the day but lets not lose you – you deserve to be looked after too.

Protect your skin!

Even though it’s winter don’t forgot to protect.

My go to sunscreen is To Save Face by Mecca, more like a primer than a facial sunscreen, there’s no shine or greasiness just security the precious skin on your face is covered.

How do you change up your routine in winter?  Share your tips for a wintertime glow with the Mums of Brisbane community here



Amy Hughes is the new to the Mums of Brisbane family. Having just moved here from Scotland she is starting to find her way around and loves all things beauty related!

If you would like to tell us what beauty related articles you would like her to write about, please get in touch here.



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