Why Quality Matters in Early Education

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why quality matters in early education

Why Quality Matters in Early Education

Experts in the field of early education talk about ‘quality’ early education, but it can be hard to know what that actually means and what should you be looking for when thinking about education and care for your child.

So, what does quality early education mean? Well, for a start, quality early education is led by highly qualified educators creating optimum environments for learning and development reflective of the values and philosophies of the early school.  Educators who receive ongoing training and development to keep abreast of the latest research and evidence about early education and who are supported to implement this within their services.

Care is also a significant contributor to quality: whilst those routines such as nappy change, sleep or story time may appear to be routine, they are moments which build the foundation for learning from which your child will grow.  When a child receives quality care, they feel safe, secure and supported to explore their environment and learn.

Quality early education needs a high-quality program for learning.  It can be easy to believe that it isn’t the end of the world if an educational program is not of the highest quality, provided our children are safe, loved and happy, right?

Unfortunately, this is not really the case.

Our understanding of the first years of life has increased exponentially and the latest research in neuroscience has confirmed that the first years of life are critical in setting children on the right path for future success.  It is believed up to 90% of brain development occurs in the first 3-5 years of life and that early experiences and learning environments shape this development.

My husband is a carpenter and when discussing early education, I explain the importance of the early years by relating it to the process of building a house.  When building a house, if we don’t have solid foundations, anything that is added is going to be on shaky ground.  Early childhood is just that- we are building the foundations, or stepping stones, for a child’s future success.

The environment of an early school is important.  Learning environments need to be thoughtfully planned and rich in experiences which offer your child quality, developmentally appropriate learning tools to help them achieve their full potential. Which is one of the reasons I was personally drawn to Nido brand. The innovative early school is designed to be both conducive to learning and beautiful- and I believe, as Nido does, that every child has the right to learn in a beautiful environment.

When developing the curriculum for Nido Early School, I have three essential core components:

  • Take a holistic approach: I take a holistic approach to curriculum development, reviewing the environment, resources, interactions, routines and all the possibilities to ensure children have the best possible start to education.  No two Nido Early Schools are the same- they are shaped by the context of our families, educators and communities.
  • Build a program for learning on a foundation of relationships: quality early education occurs in the context of a trusting relationship with educators and we support children to do so at every age and stage of development.
  • Hire the best staff: our strict criteria for the recruitment and selection of our educators means that we have the best of the best in the sector educating and caring for your child.  Children learn best when interested, and our team use their interests to scaffold their learning and development.

Nido Woolloongabba opening

At Nido Early School, we view our relationships with our families as a partnership, where together, we will help your child to grow and thrive.

We have recently opened our first centre in Queensland, Nido Early School, Woolloongabba, which caters for children aged 6 weeks to school age.

To book a tour or join our waitlist by completing the quick enquiry form here or contact our Executive Centre Manager Raechele on (07) 3063 8327 to discuss your care requirements.

Nadia Wilson-Ali, Director of Education. 


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