Why All Families Should Own A Slow Cooker

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Why All Families Should Own A Slow Cooker

Why All Families Should Own A Slow Cooker

Of all the appliances in the average family kitchen, the true powerhouse can be found in the humble slow cooker. Never one to toot its own horn, slow cookers go the distance in so many ways, and yet they are often under-appreciated. We think that the slow cooker is the one appliance that all families should own, and everyone should use. Here’s why.

They Allow For Flexible Preparation

Prepping for dinner isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are chopping and dicing, stirring and adding things to the pot. Watching carefully to ensure nothing burns or boils over. It’s a big job. All these things can be hard to do if you work later or you’ve got little ones on your hands when you’re trying to get dinner on the table. With the slow cooker, you can do your chopping pretty much anytime, and cooking is as easy as opening the lid, dumping everything in, adding your cooking liquids, and leaving the entire magical pot to sit in its own goodness for a few hours. Flexibility is key and the slow cooker offers that and more.

They Cost Less To Run

We tend not to think that much about the running cost of our cooking appliances. After all, they’re essentials and we need them in order to ensure our families get to eat. Still, you might be surprised at just how much a slow cooker can save you when you cook with one more regularly compared to a traditional electric oven. Slow cookers, on average, use about half of the energy that an oven uses. It’s still not big bucks, but it can result in long-term savings and for families, that can make a difference.

They Turn Cheaper Cuts Into Gourmet Dinners

In the past, we’ve talked a bit about how to make the most out of cheaper cuts of meat, and the consensus is always that, for most things, cooking them low and slow is the best option. Since so few of us have the time to supervise our oven for 6-7 hours but we still want those cheaper cuts, the slow cooker is the simple solution. A slow cooker can turn almost any cut of meat into a scrumptious, tender meal with even the barest of ingredients. That makes them ideal for families looking to save money, without scrimping on satisfaction.

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They Are Super Healthy

One of the often forgotten things about slow cookers is that they’re a very healthy cooking method. Sure, you can use your slow cooker to make all kinds of indulgent and decadent dinners and treats, but what makes it healthy for family cooking is the method it uses. There’s no oil added, and if you trim the majority of the fats from your meat you’re getting dinners with very little added nasties. Instead slow cookers utilise things like stocks and broths, as well as the natural liquid present in certain foods, to get the cooking done.

They Cook Lots Of Food

Slow cookers come in a variety of sizes, so this thought is a bit dependent on the size cooker that you have. However, for most families, a good sized slow cooker will feed everyone with quite a bit left over, which is another reason they’re a clear favourite. Cooking isn’t always something we can fit into the schedule, so if a slow cooker helps us to cook once and eat twice, it’s a winner in our books. Slow cooker leftovers can be frozen, added into lunches, or reimagined into new dishes for the next day. Multipurpose, and minimal effort.

They Make Clean Up Easy

Cleaning up a slow cooker couldn’t be easier. There’s no multitude of pots and pans to scrub after, instead, there’s just the slow cooker insert (sometimes called a crock) which can be used to cook and even serve the food. The best thing is, the crock is removable from the slow cooker, and can be soaked overnight before being wiped clean. So, that just leaves all the dishes from your satisfied family, which have probably been licked clean! Not just easy to cook with, but easy to clean? No wonder families love them!

There are so many reasons to love the humble slow cooker, that it doesn’t surprise us it is a favourite for many families. If you haven’t embraced your slow cooker yet, now is the time to do so. It will absolutely change the way you approach the family dinner.


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