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Why Aldi’s Special Buys This Wednesday Are Worth Queuing Up For… Run, don’t walk (they won’t last that long!).

This Wednesday – 24 July – Aldi is launching a new range of baby-themed special buys. With Both Baby accessories and baby clothing on sale, there is sure to be something you need for every single Mum of Brisbane.

We have been scouring the catalogue online and off since we discovered what this week’s special buys would be, and we have prepared a list of what we consider to be the best and ‘must-have’ items from this sale.

Mia Rocking Chair


Mums every where have been known to go a little-bit-crazy over these rocking chairs, making them on of the most sought after items in the overall Aldi special buy range.  This year, they have had a makeover and not only come with the rocking leg option but also with standard legs for the chair as well – increasing their longevity within the household and nursery. When you no longer need the rocking chair, you can add the standard (or standing) legs on and away you go!

It makes a stylis addition to any nursery or house for that matter AND it comes in white or grey.

Mia Rocking Chair – $199

*Note – as its a bulky item it is recommended that you have someone with you to collect it.*

Children’s Table and Stool Set


Now, I remember buying a set of tables and stools like these for around $120 – $130 a couple of years ago, which makes these HALF that price and a bargain to boot. They come in two options, with the coloured stools or with plain stools, but I really love the coloured option. I think they look super cute and I could allocate a colour to each child so they wouldnt fight over them (Hahahahahahahaha – as if!), but the plain wooden ones are really cute too.

A great option for a playroom, but also stylish enough that you would be happy to have it in your lounge on display as well.

Children’s Table and Stool Set $59.95

Bonds Baby Zippy Wondersuits



My babies have always lived in Bonds Wondersuits until they reached the age when they *ahem* really needed to start wearing more variety. But for the first 12 months? Chances are they were in a Bonds Zippy. They are funky, stylish and super easy to but on a squiry baby of any age. I daresay they look wonderfully comfortable to wear too.

These are priced really well, and as I have mentioned before – you really cant go wrong with them. I will be trying to get ahold of a pair of the pink leopard print (pictured) for sure!

Bonds Baby Zippy Wondersuits $10.99

Roger Armstrong Colour Changing Night Light with Room Temperature Thermometer



A cute double up of a night light and room thermometer – to keep the kids calm overnight and to help you know that the room is the right temperature for the children.

Roger Armstrong Colour Changing Night Light with Room Temperature Thermometer – $24.99

Children’s Stacking Storage Cubby



This is what I’ll be queuing up for on Wednesday! These are a cost-effective and stylish storage solution for your kid’s toys!

It’ll make storing and tidying up a breeze – just pop the toys in and they will look fantastic!

Children’s Stacking Storage Cubby – $49.99 each

Other Notable Mentions:

Mothers Choice Convertable Booster Seat – $119



Rodger Armstrong Portable Cot – $69.99




Toddler Shoes – $9.99


There are loads more great baby items, both for the nursery and for clothing. You won’t find better prices on most of these items.

The Aldi Baby Special Buy Sale starts in-store when your local Aldi opens its doors on 24/7/19. You will need to get in early to avoid disappointment (TRUST US).

You can view the full range online here


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