What You Can Do Today To Ensure A Stress Free Back To School Transition

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Stress free back to school transition

What You Can Do Today To Ensure A Stress Free Back To School Transition

Can you believe school is starting in less than two weeks? This time of year can be both exciting and daunting for children and parents alike.

Whether you have a child like me who is about to start Prep or just returning for a new school year, now is the time to add back in some structure to your days. While the lazy days of summer have been great, there are things you can do today to ensure a stress free back to school transition.

Bring back some routine to your days

During the summer holidays it can be easy to slip into a schedule of staying up late and sleeping in the next day. But with the school bell beckoning getting out the door on time will be all important.

So instead of waiting until the night before to send the kids to bed early. Try making the go 15 minutes earlier each night until they are back to a regular school term bedtime. It will also help to wake the kids up in the morning at the time they would need to start getting ready for school.

Add more rigour to your mealtime routines in the next couple of days to try and coincide them when the breaks are at school. And don’t forget to leave time to have breakfast each morning to give everyone the best start to the day.

Depending on your kid’s ages, start to make them responsible for different aspects of getting ready in the morning, as trying to do everything yourself is a recipe for a super stress out mama.

I love having a wall calendar where I can see it each day to mark out the important activities throughout the week. Setting expectations of what is happening the next day can be a good way to help children who might feel anxious.

Involve your child in the preparations

Whether it is choosing school bag, shoes or lunchbox. Allow your kids the chance (within reason) to choose their own school supplies. Involving them in the process will help them to feel more at ease with the transition. And it gets them excited about using their new things.

back to school supplies
Let the kids choose their own school supplies

Start to talk about school returning

Try and casually bring talk of school returning into conversations without making it a big deal. Make sure you are talking about school being a great place to make friends, have fun and play during the breaks and learn new things.

As parents we need to show support and empathy for our kids to help boost their confidence is going to school makes them worried. A gentle push in the right direction is always helpful

Invite friends over to play

Arranging some play dates in the week before school starts can be a good way to help kids feel comfortable in going to school. If they know they will see a friend there it can help to reduce any anxiety they might be having.

Plus it’s also great for you as a mum to build up a relationship with the parents of the kids who will have the most influence on your child as they grow.

Menu Plan

I always feel calmer and more in control when I have planned out all the meals for the week. Being a family of five with another on the way the mental toll of deciding what to have for dinner is taken away when I see on my plan what meal we are having that night.

As well as a plan for dinner I have started to think about what lunchtime snacks and meals I will be packing for my soon to be Prep student. Preparing for the week ahead on the weekend can ensure you have enough to last you through the week without needing a dreaded mid-week run to the shops with the kids in tow.

meal plan
Meal Planning Time! Photo: kalynbrooke.com

The night before

Your evening routine should help to prepare you for the morning ahead. Do as much as you can ahead of time to make mornings less stressful. Layout uniforms, shoes and socks, ensure backpacks are packed and placed by the door with just the lunch bag needed to be added in the morning.

Celebrate the first day

It can be a fun idea to start a tradition of celebrating the first day of school. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy perhaps just a yummy treat when they get home, dinner at your child’s favourite restaurant, or a play at the park after school to chat about your child’s first day.

Just try and find something that will make them look forward to going back to school each year as they have this fun celebration to look forward to.

You need support too

It can be a really emotional time as a parent the start of the school year. Particularly if like me you have a little one starting Prep, or perhaps they might be starting a new school.

The first drop of will likely be a teary one for us mummas too. Having someone to talk to about how you are feeling and perhaps even arranging a coffee and a chat in advance is not a bad idea to help you through the first day.

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