Ways You Can Get A Break This Christmas

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ways to get a break this christmas

Ways You Can Get A Break This Christmas

The calendar is full of events and parties. Lists are growing longer and longer for what presents you need to buy or food you need to make. You are rushing around from one place to another making sure all of the social activities for the kids are taken care of.

By the time you see everyone and do everything when Christmas Day rolls around you are drained, exhausted and well and truly ready for the silly season to be over.

A few weeks out from Christmas, it is about now that overwhelm starts to take hold. The filtered life you see on social media and TV of the perfect airbrushed Christmas can leave a lot of mums feeling anxious and overwhelmed this time of year.

But as they say, when you are on a flight, you need to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

So please take this as permission to carve out some you time and self-care this Christmas. You make sure everyone else has what they need without giving it a second thought. Stop making excuses and give a tiny bit back to yourself this festive period. We have put together a list of ways that mumma’s can get a break this Christmas.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first

This is the very beginning of self-care. Allow yourself permission to do whatever it is you want. Even if it is just 20 minutes per day. If you want to say no to an event, allow yourself to let go of the guilt in saying no.

Give yourself a gift

Yes it would be nice if your husband or kids gave you a gift, and they may still do so. But when you are buying something for everyone else, think about what gift you can give yourself? Maybe it is a new book, starting a new hobby, or asking your husband or parents to mind the kids once a week while you attend a class. Whatever it is, find something that is just for you.

Practice gratitude

For the 12 days before Christmas, right down one thing a day that you are grateful for. Then come Christmas morning your mindset will be coming from a place of gratitude to be spending time with family and friends.

Take a walk

We are so lucky here in Australia to have such lovely weather during the holiday season. Even just a 10-minute walk to start the day helps burn stress hormones and produces mood-enhancing endorphins.

enjoy a walk
A quick walk can make all the difference

Outsource if you need too

If it is your turn to host the family Christmas that can mean a lot of cleaning and cooking. If you can afford to, there is no shame in paying a cleaner to come over a couple of times during the holidays to help ease the load.

You also don’t need to cook everything from scratch unless cooking is something you find enjoyable and therapeutic. Buy a cake from the shop and add a couple of Christmas chocolates for an easy dessert. Or grab some pre-made platters. It’s all food that will get eaten and no-one will think any less of you.

Shop online

If the thought of visiting a shopping centre this time of year gets you all anxious then avoid the crowds altogether and shop online.

Lots of places offer really fast delivery and some will even do gift wrapping for you.

Celebrate your successes

As the year draws to an end take some time to celebrate the year that has passed. This time of year is great to acknowledge everything that has happened this year. Even if it might not have all been full of wins try to look at what you learned, what you enjoyed and what you want to do more or less of next year.

Pamper yourself

If a day spa is in your budget, go for it! If you need a more budget-friendly option you can pamper yourself at home. Give yourself a mani or pedi, put on a face mask, light some candles and take a bubble bath.

Just do something that makes you feel good and relaxed.

Give yourself a manicure

Give to others

I know this one can seem weird being added to the list. As a mum, it seems like all we do is give to others, but hear me out.

Psychology has proven that when a person focuses on giving to others it is good for your mind. So if you can volunteer some time to those less fortunate or even just say a simple Christmas greeting to a stranger it can help to raise your spirit.

Lose the guilt

You will eat more, celebrate more and stay up later than normal during this time of year. But it is Christmas time so go with it and you can get back into a routine once the silly season is over.

As a mum, you need to take the time to make sure you can keep giving to others by giving to yourself this holiday season.

So go on, take a break. You have earned it.


Cath Fowler -


Cath is a mum of two cheeky little girls and runs her own copywriting and marketing business. With a 15 year background in partnership marketing, she’s our go-to girl for making the most of business relationships here at Mums of Brisbane.