Valentine’s Days Gifts For Mums And Dads

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Valentines Day Gifts for Mums and Dads

Valentine’s Days Gifts For Mums And Dads

Valentine Day usually flies by for mums and dads without much thought about gifts. Between getting the kids off to school or daycare, heading to work and then coming home exhausted at the end of the day romantic gestures like your pre-kids valentine’s days are just not as much of a priority.

So we thought we would have a bit of fun and create a Valentine’s Day gift guide just for mums and dads.

Fun Valentine’s Gifts for Dads


While the go to gift for women on valentine’s day is a bouquet of flowers, now the dads don’t have to miss out.

Introducing bouquets for blokes – including a range of craft beers they are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift dads.

brewquet valentine gifts dad
Source: Brewquet

Date night tin

If you are feeling a little bit crafty and creative make up a basket full of goodies to make the perfect night in.

If it was me personally I’d make up enough delicious treats for me as well. Who’s say hubby needs to get all the spoils.

Date in a tin valentines gift dad
Source: The DIY Mommy

Tasty Treats

As the saying goes the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach. This little play on words “I donut what I’d do without you” is a little bit cute and a little bit lame all in one. But I love it. And I’d make hubby shared them with me too.

donuts valentines gift dad
Source: Pinterest

Rocky Road

Another food based option is to make (or buy because let’s face it sometimes there just isn’t time for that) is rocky road. Create your own label that says YOU ROCK and you are on to a winner.

rocky road valentines dad
Source: Pinterest

Dad Mug

For the coffee loving hot husband in your life, you can’t go past this  DILF mug.

dilf mug
Source: Etsy

Hooked On You

If your husband fancies himself as a bit of a fisherman he will love this gift. Purchase a cheap tackle box and fill it with yummy treats. For extra cheese factor add a message saying “I’m hooked on you”.

hooked on you valentines dad gift
Source: Pinterest

Valentine’s Gifts for Mums

Oversized Wine Glass

No judgment here mummas. Just a big delicious wine glass to save you having to head to the kitchen for a refill (this glass can hold a whole bottle!). Because adulting is hard.

oversized wine glass valentines day mums
Source: Southern Living

Mess-free kids artwork

What usually happens if the kids are left with paint is that mums end up having to deal with the mess left behind. In the case of this mess-free artwork dads can keep things in control and surprise you with a one-off piece of art this Valentine’s Day.

First drop a few drops of paint on some cardstock in a large Ziploc bag. Taping the end of the bag will ensure it cannot be opened. Have your toddler press the paint around however they’d like! Just let them push the paint and mix it together.

Then take the page out and scrape off any excess paint that is too thick or clumpy and leave to dry. Find a frame and cut out your painted paper to fit the frame.

mess free art valentines gift mum
Source: The Best Ideas For Kids

Chill Pills

Sometimes when the kids are driving me up the wall a little bit of chocolate is all I need to chill out.

chill pills valentines gift mums
Source: Pinterest

Wine Socks

Being pregnant right now my idea of a great Valentine’s evening is curling up on the couch and heading to bed early. Sadly these socks don’t quite apply to me being pregnant but I’ll take chocolate instead.

wine socks valentines day mums
Souce: Etsy


Succulents are great if for those that don’t have a green thumb. Adding a little tag that says “My life would succ without you” to add some valentine’s flair.

succulent valentines day mum
Source: See Kate Sew

Lotto Bouquet

Trade in the flowers for a bouquet made of scratchie tickets and spend some time daydreaming about what you would do if you strike it rich. Increase the valentine’s vibe by adding a note saying “I won lotto when I found you”.

lotto bouquet valentines day mum
Source: Pinterest

Fun Book

There are no naked people in this hilarious book called Porno for Women. Just attractive men saying and doing all the things you’ve always wished they would in real life.

funny book valentines gifts mums
Source: Pinterest

Coffee Mug

Because all mums need coffee. This mug pretty much sums up parent life in one statement.

funny mug valentines gift mums
Source: Etsy

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