Top Five Tips For Families Moving to Brisbane

Moving To Brisbane
tips for families moving to brisbane

Top Five Tips For Families Moving to Brisbane

Are you and your family moving to Brisbane soon? Or even just pondering the idea at the moment to determine if moving to Brisbane is the right move for you?

In recent years interstate migration, particularly from Sydney and Melbourne, has seen Brisbane become an even more attractive option to raise a family.

If you have just moved or are planning on moving your family to Brisbane here are our top five tips to make the transition a smooth one.

Explore the area you want to live in

Determining what suburb to settle in is likely the hardest decision you will make once you have decided to make the move to Brisbane. While Brisbane is quite a compact city compared to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne there are still more than 250 different suburbs to choose from.  

Opting for something close to the city can be nice and convenient for work, but the cost of a family home will be less if you head a bit further out into the suburbs. If you’d like to be close to the coastline then the eastern suburbs are for you. Otherwise, the northern suburbs have good access to the Sunshine Coast and the southern suburbs make it an easy trip down to the Gold Coast.

You can check out Brisbane suburb profiles here. And the best place to look to get an idea of the costs of a house or apartment in Brisbane is to check out or Domain.

Consider the schools in the area

If you are moving from other States and your children are about to start school you will need to become familiar with the terminology used to describe the transition to school. As it can differ from other States.

Kindergarten is a non-compulsory early childhood program for children in the year before they start school. Whereas Prep is the first official year of school in Queensland. Children must be 5 years of age by 30 June in that year to enrol.

The local schools in the area you choose to settle in could be a big priority for you. You can check out a few websites that allow you to compare the performance of various schools.

Sending your kids to the nearest school to where you decide to live can be beneficial. As it will help you to get to know your neighbours when you see them at the school gate each morning. Plus there is no matter way for your kids to make friends than to be able to live close to their friends and invite them over for playdates.

consider the schools in the area
You might like to consider the schools in the area you are looking to move to

Look at transport options

Brisbane has a pretty good public transport system in general, with regular buses from most Brisbane suburbs to the city operating every day. Within the CBD bus routes operate from 5 am to midnight with some routes being 24 hours on a Friday and Saturday.

The train network is also quite comprehensive and covers all areas of the city and the suburbs. The Go Card makes it easy to travel by bus, train, ferry and tram and works out the most cost-effective compared to paper tickets.

If you are moving to Brisbane and are considering driving to work be sure to check out how long it takes in peak hour to get from the suburb you are looking to move to, as the distance can be deceiving sometimes. You will also want to consider if you need to travel on a toll road to get to work. All toll roads are cashless so you will need to arrange a tag. Parking in the CBD can also be expensive so public transport is quite often the most cost-effective and timely way to get around.

Brisbane also has the added bonus of having an extensive cycling network with dedicate bikeways that are a popular way to travel through the city.

Explore the local facilities and recreation facilities

When deciding where to live it can be worthwhile working out how far away a large shopping centre is to your home. As well as how close you are to a doctor’s office, dentists, vets, restaurants and cafes in the local area.

Some people will be comfortable with a drive to these places while others will prefer to have them within walking distance. So you need to work out what is going to be best for you and your family.

You might also like to consider where your local park would be, walking tracks close by as well as swimming pools or kids classes that you would like to be near too.

Discovery Park
Explore the local parks

Join the Mums of Brisbane Facebook Group

So we might be a bit bias but we think that any mum who is looking to move to Brisbane or has just made the move to Brisbane should join the Mums of Brisbane Facebook Group. It is a safe space for mums to get tips, recommendations and advice for what makes Brisbane family friendly.

We run regular mummy meetups so you also have the chance to meet other mums in person. We have mums in the group who have kids from newborns to primary school age.

If your kids are older and in primary school or high school it then a mother’s group might not be that right fit for you. In these instances joining a local gym, having your kids join a sporting team or becoming involved in the school community can help you to build a new network in the area.

The great thing about Brisbane is that a lot of other families are moving to Brisbane all of the time so you are likely to find someone that is in the exact same position to you.


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