Threenager is the New Terrible Two’s

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Threenager is the New Terrible Two’s

Have a baby they said. It will be fun they said.

Have you ever wondered why people never say “have a toddler, it will be fun”?!?

Because it is not. I you are the parent of a toddler you will be nodding your head right now because you know exactly where I am coming from.

Maybe I am just doing it all wrong and I am the worst Mum in the world, but my three year old has just turned into a monster overnight and it’s fair to say, I am not having much fun!

My son has not been a day sleeper since he was about one, so the break from your kids that most parents get for a few hours a day, I don’t get. And that is ok, because I have learnt to work around that. Brown Brothers can thank me later!

I had a cute, slightly quirky two year old and apart from a few tantrums here and there we were doing pretty good. Sure he was active and never stopped, but there was no naughtiness in there.

He was a little fussy with his eating (but what kid isn’t). He would get grumpy if he didn’t have enough sleep (again what kid doesn’t). All very normal stuff that could be easily fixed and nothing that was a real deal breaker. Sure the fussy eating was annoying, but hey, he was eating!

The Terrible Two’s

I was thinking to myself, wow, we have dodged a bullet here. No two year old tantrums and those the terrible twos… what was everyone whinging about!

Well, fast forward a year later and either my son has regressed back to two years old or the threenager is the new terrible two’s and we are royally screwed!

Raise your kids to be independent and strong willed they say… but “they” don’t have to live with them!

The fussy eating has turned into 3 staples at dinner time – Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets and Potato Gems. Yep, there is the diet of champions right there folks! I have tried all sorts of other foods, but apparently dinner consists of the above mentioned foods only. Don’t try and correct him by saying dinner is actually a meal time because we are wrong! Somewhere along the line something got lost in translation.

Now, I am not totally freaking out (because I am actually well beyond that point and now at the point of just making sure I have 3 boxes of each “staple” in the freezer!) and he does eat other foods during the day. He will regularly eat bananas, yoghurt, cheese and crackers, wholemeal wraps, fruit bars and raisin toast so we aren’t totally on 3 foods, but let’s admit it, it’s not ideal. I will say this though, grocery shopping is dead set easy! He is healthy, perfect height and weight and is not sickly. So I guess his system is happy, but wow, I’m not sure how I will get chicken nuggets to Kinder next year!

Threenager Strikes

Until I lived with a threenager, I had no idea I could absolutely ruin ones day by changing the channel on the TV from ABC for Kids to The Chase when he wasn’t even in the same room. Or that running a bath for him when he wanted a shower would result in him running around the house naked screaming for 10 minutes.

I also had no idea that teaching your kid things like telling the time would backfire on you. I have to resort to turning the clocks back just to get him to bed at a reasonable time and even then, if it is not dark outside then don’t even bother! My son decided he goes to bed (well starts the bed time process) at 8pm. So, when you say it is bed time at a more reasonable time of 7pm, he looks at the clock and says “it is not 8 o’clock yet Mum”. Yep, how do you argue with that.

My threenager is stubborn, independent to a fault, always right and never listens or does as he is told. I am really hoping this is a phase and like the terrible twos it passes as quickly as it came. But for the meantime, Brown Brothers and I will remain friends and I am with all you Mummas in spirit who are also battling the threenager with me. May the force be with us all!

Belinda Owen is a work at home Mum spending her days designing simply beautiful websites for small businesses and creating content as a virtual assistant. You can find Belinda at or you can see her work at

Belinda Owen -


Belinda Owen is a work at home Mum spending her days designing simply beautiful websites for small businesses and creating content as a virtual assistant. You can find Belinda at or you can see her work at

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