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Things Lockdown have given my family

As our restrictions start to ease, and life seems about to get back to normal, I find myself reflecting on our time in isolation.

We have come together as a state and as a country and have successfully ‘flattened the curve’, so much so, that Scomo is telling us we are likely to get an ‘early mark’ off restrictions sometime next week.

We have worked hard, and we have been lucky. Tough choices were made quickly and we have avoided a situation similar to the UK, Italy or (horror, horror) the USA.

As I sit here and I watch my children play together happily in the backyard, a rare occurrence let me tell you, I have started to turn my mind to all the positives of our weeks in isolation. Its not always been easy, I will give you that. There have been tears (mostly mine) and tantrums (mostly the kids). There have been days that felt like weeks and weeks that felt like years.

But there have been good days. There have been positives. And as my mind turns today to reflect on our isolation experience, I am thinking more about the things that being in lockdown has given us, as opposed to all the things it has taken away.

Life Has Slowed Down

Forced Time At Home – Life Has Slowed Down

I don’t know about you, but as a mum of four kids aged from eight to one, I am busy busy busy busy all day long. If we aren’t rushing to get to school, we are headed to an activity of some sort (or the gym, if you know me well you know that’s where you’ll always find me!). Or we are rushing home for a sleep or ducking to the shops between appointments or coordinating playdates or birthday parties and school commitments and on and on and on.

If we made it home we were always headed back out again for school pick up.

Kids community sport was about to start as we went into lockdown and that would have added a whole another level to our ‘busy’.

Factor in working, day-care pickups, cooking, bedtimes and life was a blur. A happy blur, but it felt like life was flying past at a tremendous pace.

Its sure slowed down a lot, hasn’t it?

I am probably a fairly mix of introvert and extrovert, but I would say I tend towards the introverted, so staying at home (mostly) suits me just fine. But there is a difference between choosing to stay and home and being forced to stay at home.

But overall, it’s been good to have the space, its been good to have the slower pace of life without all the rushing here there and everywhere that seems to be a requisite of modern life.

Happy Kids

My Kids are Getting Along Better

Its took about four weeks for the kids to get all of the fighting out of their system.

A few weeks ago my (very lovely) neighbour popped her head over the fence and said ‘its been very dramatic at your place this morning, hasn’t it?’ because my kids had been non stop fighting for (eternity) several hours.  I was wondering how on earth we would survive it.

But we did. And gradually, oh so gradually, the play has improved. They listen to each other’s ideas and accept them in the game. They will share their things and play side by side. They encourage each other and are (mostly) kind and understanding of each other.

If anything can continue once life goes back to ‘normal’, I hope it is this.

Quality Family Time

Quality Family Time Together

Ahhhhh yes, quality family time. The thing we long for most and then when we get it, we often wonder why we wanted it in the first place (am I right?).

We do spend a lot of time together, but could I say it was quality time? We rushed around so much in our pre lockdown life; I am not sure I could say we spent a lot of good quality time connecting with each other.

Well, now we have nothing but time. Seemingly endless time to spend together and at home. Its not without its challenges, someone is literally always crying when you have so many children, but overall, its been really really lovely.

We have fallen into a loose routine; in the mornings we go for a bike ride/scoot to the local creek. We spend a bit of time there and then its home for some schoolwork if it is a school day. I try to bake or cook with the kids each day and we do a chore altogether as well. Some days are better than others, but overall, we get there.

And I want you to know that it has not been all sunshine and rainbows for us.

Homeschooling two lower primary kids with two other little kids at home too is a challenge. We have both had a reduction in our income, and I significantly had my hours cut in my casual role. Mums of Brisbane has lost all its income.

Like everyone, we have had our plans for the future and the rest of the year completely changed. But we have been lucky to still be healthy, and our friends and family have been healthy. My heart aches for those who have not been so lucky.

I would love to know what being in lockdown has given you and your family. Tell me in the comments.

Katie x


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.