Mums of Brisbane provides a supportive, fun and informative group/page for Mothers. Lots of great articles to give
you ideas on places to take your little ones and introduce you to new products and services. Mums of Brisbane also
helps to keep you up to date with what’s happening locally for little ones. The honest blogs about being a parent
are also great reads. Worth checking out!

Corinne Nixon 

Mums of Brisbane is a supportive group of women going through motherhood together. As they say, “it takes a
village” and Mums of Brisbane can be that village for people.

Jorja Brinums

Motherhood can be a lonely ride but Mums of Brisbane is a group that makes it feel less lonely. When you don’t
have family close by having a supportive community to talk to is an absolute lifesaver.
Korryn Haines

Googling answers to baby problems will land you in A and E every other night- asking all the wisdom of the Mums
of Brisbane group is a much better option!!

Alana Teague

Went to my first meet up today and it was great. Katie was so warm and welcoming 🙂 Good location and
well set up. Such a great little community 🙂
Ama Ski-Lui

Great blog with wonderful meet ups, helpful tips, yummy recipes, and excellent playground reviews. I didn't
realize how many beautiful playgrounds there were in Brisbane. Definitely check out the site!
Alicia Mason

“What an amazing resource for us Brisbane mums, thank you Katie!
I’m loving the content you are bringing us and also how you look
to bring mums together in person and not just connecting online.
Awesome work!”
Ruth – A Mum of 3 in Brisbane

The Laundry Lady has been working with Brisbane Mums for a few
months to help drive recruitment and business in the region. We have
had a great deal of success with our campaigns that we have not
had from other sources. Katie has been very helpful with working out
the best strategy and timing for us, and we will definitely continue to
work with Katie into the future!
Susan, The Laundry Lady