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Swim Schools in Brisbane

Living in Brisbane I think it is so essential that our kids learn how to swim. Not only can attending a swim school in Brisbane allow you to enjoy an activity with your little one, older children learn vital life skills.

Having been personally touched by a family member drowning when they were very young, there was never any question that when I had my own kids I would enrol them in a learn to swim program.

Water confidence and water safety go hand in hand. Children need to build their confidence at the same time as they learn essential water safety skills. A good swim school in Brisbane will do this and more.

In Brisbane families truly live the outdoor lifestyle, which makes it vital that kids can cope in the water.

The benefits of children learning to swim are:

  • Water safety for children
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Coordination development
  • It’s fun
  • Develops a lifelong love of the water
  • Water Confidence
  • Social development participating in a class

There are many reasons to take your children to swimming lessons, and they aren’t all about water safety. There are social and physiological reasons as well.

Check out our favourite swim schools in Brisbane.

Kingswim is a dedicated learn to swim school located in Carindale and Lutwyche. They have been helping keep our kids safe and teaching them vital life skill for over 30 years.

Whether it’s noticing the ‘first time flusters’ and providing some gentle assurance, helping poor Mum carry a few things, as she struggles with not being an eight-legged octopus, or knowing when a particular child needs a little extra attention, Kingswim is right there for you.

They teach tiny tots through to big kids, with programs available to babies from 12 weeks of age, right through to graduate level swimmers.

The dedicated learn to swim environment includes purpose-built learning areas such as graded pool depths and lane lengths. With warm water and pool deck temperatures, immaculate water quality, and family-friendly change rooms, all of which help to provide a comfortable experience for kids and parents.

Learn more at Kingswim.

Read on our website how learning to swim offers much more than water safety and swim skills.