Revisiting Hanson 25 Years On

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Flashback Friday – Revisiting Hanson 25 Years On

Flashback Friday – it’s been done right? The outfits, the hair, the naked baby pics (seriously did kids ever wear clothes in the 80s?)  the EMBARRASSMENT marked as humor. Done done donney done done.

But what if there was a different take? Here at Mums Of Brisbane we are doing Flashback Friday – differently. Every Friday we will review something from the past, something that was so very important to us as teenagers or young adults from the perspective of then and now. First up? Hanson (the band, not the politician)!

This is what it’s like to revisit something you loved intensely, passionately and completely in the way only a teenager can, 20 years later.

Revisiting Hanson – 25 years on (yes, I’m sure it’s been 25 years, I checked then double checked, then checked again – yes, I’m just as shocked as you are).


The year is 1997 and I find myself unable to concentrate in math’s class. The reason? One word………… Hanson (well specifically its two words: Taylor Hanson), and well, also because you know, its math’s class.

Oh My God, I love Taylor. The hair, the eyes, the pout. Cue squealing and jumping anytime Hanson comes on my Discman, which is every time, since it’s my Discman and it only takes one CD at a time (the struggle was real, you guys!).

I write KC Heart TH and TH Heart KC on literally every spare surface.

I eagerly await the newest edition of TV Hits so I can cut out the pictures of Hanson and put them on my wall/school books etc. If it doesn’t have Hanson in it – I don’t buy it.

Taylor’s voice is so sweet. The lyrics are so deep, I mean ‘isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes’ speaks to me, since I feel weird all the time. This is the Best. Album. Ever.

(6 months later, found the new BIG THING. Process is repeated. What can I say – teenagers are fickle)


Find ‘Middle of Nowhere’ on Apple Music. Also find a whole heap of more recent music by Hanson, didn’t even know they were still a thing. They also now have 11 Kids between them, let that sink in.

While Taylor’s voice instantly transports me back to my teenage years, the effect doesn’t last long. I find myself laughing out loud to some of these lyrics. What the actual…?

In hindsight, the age of the youngest brother seems downright creepy, like honestly, how old is he? I seem to remember lots of comments about how cute he was but now it just feels weird. Taylor looks like he hates life. Plus it sounds very much like his voice hasn’t broken yet.

I’m mentally trying to add up how many hours of my life I spent listening to this when I was 13. Decide that I don’t actually want to know. Some things are better off unknown.

I am halfway through now and I am not sure I can go on. In my dotage I have gotten quite picky about song lyrics, and if it doesn’t make any sense (‘I get so vicious, when I don’t feel delicious’ anyone? Yes I’m looking at you Pink) then that song is dead to me.

Oh wait, little people are here demanding my phone to listen to the Moana soundtrack for the zillionth time. Too bad – Flashback Friday has come to a crashing halt (much like Hanson’s album sales after this album, da dum ching – I’ll be here all week people)!

All in all, it seems it’s not totally wasted – I still love ‘MMMBop’ and ‘With You In Your Dreams’, which was written in response to their Grandma dying (of all the facts I have managed to retain in the last 20 years, I have no idea why that was one of them – Thanks TV Hits).

Honestly, it was nice to look back. But it won’t be getting added to my current playlist anytime soon. This is one obsession that is staying firmly in the past.

Katie Lavercombe

Katie is the Creative Director at Mums of Brisbane. She loves coffee, sleep and social media, not necessarily in that order. Most days will find her blogging, trying to keep up with the kids, and praying they will sleep. She lives with her husband and three children in beautiful Brisbane.


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.

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