Looking To Return To The Workforce Soon? You Need Career Vitality

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Looking To Return To The Workforce Soon? You Need Career Vitality

Are you a mum looking to re-enter the workforce? Career Vitality is the go-to career resource designed for mums.

I know after having my kids, I gained a lot more perspective on the type of working conditions and paid work I was willing to do. It needed to be something that made it worthwhile taking me away from my kids.

That is why after my third child I decided to start Mums of Brisbane. To allow me the flexibility to be more involved in my kids’ lives.

This is not to say all mums should go out and start your own business. But lots of mums I hear from are looking for support in how to return successfully by building their confidence, discovering their strengths and developing valuable career planning skills.

Introducing Career Vitality

Career Vitality offers one-on-one coaching or a CareerSmart Mums workshop for mums looking to return to work. Donna Thistlewaite created the business when she recognised that a lot of people were not happy with their jobs.

She believes that life is too short to be unhappy at work because you spend so much time there. When you meet her, it is clear she has a natural passion for supporting people in their career and life journey. Using her own experience of a significant transformation in her own life she now shares her experiences with others as well as the strategies she has used to change her life.

With a background in corporate HR, Donna believes strongly in normalising flexibility in the workplace. As well as recognising that catering for both genders is the key to women’s increased participation in the paid workforce.

Mums have wonderful transferable skills for the paid work environment. Sometimes we just need a  little bit of support to show us how to maximise our chance of employment. This is where the CareerSmart Workshops are fabulous.

CareerSmart Mums Workshops

The CareerSmart Mums workshop is perfect for mums thinking of returning to work or study after a break, or for those considering a new career direction.

We know mums can find it hard to spend money on themselves when there are so many other family expenses to consider. That is why this workshop has been developed to be reasonably priced while offering such high value content.

CareerSmart Mums is a proven career training program aimed at increasing women’s confidence and ability to plan for a career. You will be introduced to a range of tools, strategies and people to support your search for career direction and career success. You will also have access to a growing network of like-minded women.

The workshop is offered in person four times a year in Brisbane and an online course has also been developed for those that want to jump right in and start learning.

The remaining in-person workshops coming up in 2018 are scheduled for

  • 4 June
  • 22 August
  • 8 November

When you finish the workshop you will know that you’re not alone and learn skills that can result in work which then more than pays for the course investment.

Mother’s Night Fundraising Event

On Friday 11 May 2018 Career Vitality will be holding a fundraising event to officially launch CareerSmart Mums Online and celebrate the mums they have helped over the past few years. Billed as Mother’s Night – it will be a night to kick up your heels with your girlfriends before Mother’s Day the following Sunday.

Held at the Taylor-King Gallery at Newmarket the night includes two speakers, cold canapes, champagne and other drinks to enjoy.

Helping you to successfully return to work

CareerSmart Mums by Career Vitality logoCareer Vitality is a business with a heart for helping mums navigate their career post-kids. With a growing library of resources, the barriers you were concerned about when returning to work will come down, as you feel empowered to participate in paid work if you desire to do so.

Donna is ready to help you achieve your career goals. You can check out her services on her website or explore her Youtube channel.


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.