Easy and Fun Three Ingredient Playdough

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Easy and Fun Three Ingredient Playdough

Most children love playing with playdough. I know mine do, and I feel like I am making new batches every couple of days.

We have our tried and tested recipes, but I have recently come across some quick, simple and easy playdough recipes that use ingredients that you already have available at home.

I love seeing the imagination and fun that kids can have when they are playing with Playdough.

With this easy and simple three ingredient playdough recipe, the kids can have hours of fun while you sit back and enjoy a (hot) cup of tea!

What is your favourite playdough recipe? I would love to know what you think of this one!

  1. Get all the ingredients together - so you are ready to go!
  2. Measure the conditioner into the large mixing bowlThree-Ingredient-Playdough
  3. Mix the cornflour in - half a cup at a time until it is all combined
  4. Now - add the food dye and combine If you want to use more than one colour - split the playdough up and roll into balls first - then you can add different colours
  5. Now it is time to play!

As this is made with conditioner it is not suitable for the kids to have a little taste or eat any.

If you want to avoid getting food dye on your hands, buy some disposable gloves to use when hand kneading (I find the colour spreads better if hand kneaded).


Leave it to 'set' for a bit longer than we did if you want to avoid the food colour transferring to the kid's hands etc. My kids loved it and they couldn't wait to play, but if it isn't what you like then just wait for a bit.