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Prestige Baby Guru – Maternity Nanny and Sleep Consultant Brisbane

Do you have a young baby?

How is your sleep going? A quick poll around the Mums of Brisbane office reveals that we all think the first 12 months can be a write off in terms of sleep…

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

Introducing Victoria Clifford, from Prestige Baby Guru.

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Victoria and her daughters.

Victoria is a qualified Maternity Nanny and Sleep Consultant with over 20 years experience. She trained at the famous Rangi Ruru Nanny school and has worked in locations all around the world.

She has even worked for A-List celebrities during her time in New York – with Uma Thurman (Yes – THE Uma Thurman) giving her a rave review after working with her:

‘I met Victoria though a word of mouth recommendation of a respected friend…Even though she is focused on maternity care, no one has blended into the lives of my older children, with such ease and fast affection, it saddens us terribly not to have her in our daily lives. We feel very blessed that it was possible for her to stay with us for almost five months of our little girls life. Last but not least, I can attest to the the fact that our baby is a calm, happy baby, who has remained healthy, without any difficulties, and best of all consolidated her sleep in a timely fashion. This is much attributed to Victoria’s excellent care. Our loss would be your gift in the company of Victoria Clifford.’

Uma Thurman – Hollywood Actress

With Uma Thurman’s baby, Luna

Victoria also has two young children herself, so she ‘gets’ it. She knows how stressful it is to hear your children cry, how normal it is to not know what to do and how easy it is to feel overwhelmed.

Victoria is here to help you get your sleep (and your sanity) back.

The Prestige Baby Guru Philosophy – Victoria writes:

‘I believe that each baby is different and that there is not a one size fits all approach to sleep learning. Through my science-based, gentle, holistic approach I create healthy sleep patterns and habits to encourage babies and children to love sleep and the rest they need.

I incorporate a variety of factors such as emotional well-being, health, sleep environment, nutrition, dietary requirements, sleep associations and parenting styles, which may contribute to sleep disruption before moving onto sleep training.’

Before we go any further we think it is important to note that Victoria doesn’t use a ‘Cry it out’ approach, rather a holistic and gentle method to keep everyone happy.

‘Victoria has been hands down the best child carer experience we have ever had.

When our second child was born he had breathing difficulties so it was necessary to engage Victoria to help with watching him throughout the night (while we got our sleep) and help adjust him into a sleeping pattern. Not only did she do this over a very short period of time, she was so thorough, caring and determined to have our son sleeping soundly throughout the night as soon as possible. She made a huge difference to our son’s quality of sleep that helped me during the day as he was much more settled and reactive to the routines that Victoria put in place for us.

Victoria was extremely professional, her advice when it comes to anything to do with newborns and babies is priceless. She is very passionate and very nurturing with babies and was so supportive with me during the testing time of having two children under two.

Our son now sleeps from 6:30pm to 6:00am. We never thought this would happen but we do owe a lot of this sleep success to Victoria!

Nicky Charman, Director – Calexico

Victoria Clifford

But wait, what is a Maternity Nanny?

Well, we are so glad you asked, you see, a Maternity Nanny is the sleep solution that should be offered to EVERY new Mum. A Maternity Nanny will come and care for your baby during the difficult night period so that you can get some sleep.

They will also help you to set up the baby for positive sleep patterns during the day – to allow this sleep to continue even after they have stopped working with you.

Not only does Victoria offer overnight sleep services, she also utilizes her extensive experience to provide sleep consultations with tired parents. These can be done at your home, with advice provided across the sleep environment, sleep associations and recommendations, time table and scheduling.

Amazing is an understatement. Victoria was a lifesaver and not only got our little man into a sleeping routine to save our sleep but helped give us great advice and tips to get through the hurdles of being first-time parents. We would highly recommend her to anybody!!!! She saved our sleep and our sanity. We’re definitely hiring her for baby number 2!

Christina – New Mum – Brisbane

Prestige Baby Guru Services

Prestige Baby Guru offers a variety of cost-effective options to help you and your baby reclaim your sleep.

Help Me – In Home/Skype Consultations

Victoria’s ‘Help Me’ package allow her to assist you one-on-one via phone, Skype or in home, with an additional month follow-up support via phone, text or email. During the consultation, she will discuss your needs and answer any specific questions you have about your baby. She will offer advice and suggestions on things you can do to help your baby get into a nice age appropriate feeding and sleeping routine. (A HUGE bonus of this is the MONTH long follow up to answer ANY ongoing questions you have)

Appointments are available for 2 Hours $225 (+ GST) or 6 hours $425 (+ GST)

Reprieve Me – Full Overnight Assistance

Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Also, having time alone with your significant other is important to allow you to maintain your connection once the baby arrives. Victoria will come in and care for the baby overnight so Mummy and Daddy can get a good nights sleep. Will also be happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding your baby and offer her tips and suggestions. It also comes with a full month of follow up to answer any questions you might have.

Victoria will come to your house from 7pm to 6am

Investment: $600 (+ GST)

Teach Me – Hourly Overnight In-Person Help OR Ongoing Night Nanny Service (discounted rate for ongoing booking)

Victoria will come into your home anytime between the hours of 7pm and 7am and provide full overnight care for the baby and assistance for Mum. This service suits both breastfeeding and formula feeding Mothers. On completion of the booking, she will provide you with a personalised routine for your baby and will be available for any questions you may have via email for a month.

Investment: $50 per hour (+ GST)

For more details and to book Victoria via her website here 

Contact Prestige Baby Guru Today

Babies that sleep through the night aren’t magical unicorns, babies can sleep from 11- 12 hours a night – you just have to set up the right foundation that works for your baby.

Contact Victoria today and start to reclaim your nights (and your sleep) and your sanity!

Email: or Call Victoria on 0406 096 114

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You can use the consultation at any time – but book and confirm during February to receive the discount.


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