Prep Kids Unable To Go Back To Kindy Or Daycare? Ways To Keep Them Entertained Until School Start

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Prep Kids Unable To Go Back To Kindy Or Daycare? Ways To Keep Them Entertained Until School Start

Are you currently in the twilight zone? The time where your soon to be Preppy has finished up at kindy or daycare, but you still have a couple of weeks before they head off to school?

The two week gap can be a tricky time to juggle, so we have put together some ideas for you on how you can keep them entertained during that time and make the most of the time you have with them before they start school.

A splash of water play

If heading to the beach or the pool feels like too much effort then I have found that my kids love water play. You don’t need to have a specific water table. A bucket filled with water and some cups can keep my kids amused for a good while.

A lazy day at home

With Prep just around the corner your child will more than likely come home exhausted from full days of fun and learning. So there is nothing wrong with having a few days of relaxation before the new adventure begins.

As parents, we often think that every day of school holidays needs to be filled with something to do. But you really don’t need to plan a thrilling experience for every day of the holidays.

Declaring a Pyjama Day can be a fun way to break the rules. Make some popcorn and watch movies at home or even play some board games with the whole family.

A helping hand

When in the right mood kids around Prep age can be great little helpers around the house. Add some vinegar and water to a spray bottle and the kids can have lots of fun spraying benchtops and other surfaces and wiping them down.

They will grow out of thinking cleaning with mum in fun pretty soon so make a game of it while you can.

Keep the kids entertained making a game of cleaning
Make a game out of wiping down the benches

Visit the State Library

SLQ is running a Summer Festival program until 21 January 2018. Which is all about tech + stories + play. There are loads of free activities to keep the kids occupied which makes for happy parents. Some of the workshops you need to book in advance so be sure to check beforehand. But there are also lots of drop-in activities.

Or check out your local library

If a trip into the city is not on the cards then lots of local library’s run school holiday activities so be sure to check out what the one closest to you offers.

Storytime, workshops and craft activities are usually the main programs you will see offered.

Check out a movie

There are a few good kids movies out over the holidays that are worth checking out. You might even find the adults enjoy them too. Often the cinemas will have cheaper prices on kids movies so be sure to check this out before booking tickets.

Visit a farm

There are a few places within an hour’s drive from Brisbane that allow your kids the chance to visit a working farm and see the animals. They are really affordable and gives a great opportunity for the kids to get up close with farm animals like sheep and chickens.

Ten-pin bowling

With bumper bowling, even the little ones have a chance of getting a strike. I find one game is usually enough to keep my kids attention before they want to move on to the next thing.

Keep kids entertained bowling
You could even stay at home and set up bowling in a hallway or backyard

Create an indoor obstacle course

Stay at home and create an indoor obstacle course using pillows, cushions, chairs and blankets. Kids this age have great imaginations so they will love making their way through the course as fast as they can.

Find a new playground to explore

There are heaps of kid-friendly playgrounds in and around Brisbane that all have a range of facilities available. Make sure you check out some of our favourites.

Arts and Craft

Grab some crafty bit and pieces (you can buy craft boxes pretty cheap in places like Kmart) and let the kids go nuts. I always set them up outside on the deck with heaps of newspaper on the ground to keep things from getting too messy. To maintain your sanity I recommend no glitter!

DIY pizza creations

This is a fun one that the whole family will love. Grab a few pizza bases, some sauce and a range of toppings, and let the kids build their own creations.

Catch a fish

You can pick up some inexpensive kids fishing rods from places like Kmart. Find a safe riverside spot to drop a line in. The look on the kids faces when they catch a fish is priceless.

Keeping the Prep kids entertained fishing
See their faces light up when catch a fish


No need to head on holidays to spend a night looking at the stars. Simply pitch a tent in the backyard and camp outside for the night. All the fun of camping without the hassle of packing. Plus no communal bathroom facilities – what’s not to love.

Most of all I recommend taking the time to slow down and really enjoy those last few days because before you know it you will have a Prep kid on your hands and you will miss having them around.


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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.