New Study Finds Caregivers Are So Distracted By Their Phones It’s Putting Children At Risk…

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New Study Finds Caregivers Are So Distracted By Their Phones It’s Putting Children At Risk…

Have you ever been out at the park and thought:

‘I’ll just check my phone’

‘I need to respond to those millions of emails I have piling up in my inbox’

‘I should post these pictures to my stories’

I think its most of us right?

I run a business on social media, so I know all to well the allure the phone can have – especially at the park when the kids are happy and playing and FINALLY giving you breathing space for a few minutes.

Now a new study has found that being distracted by our phones could be causing serious injuries or developmental delays in our children. The research, by Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology and PhD candidate Carrie Ewin, observed scores of parents and their interactions with their children.

The study found that parents are unaware of the amount of time they are spending on their phones, especially in public places like parks, cafes and shopping centers. Some caregivers were focused on their phones for up to two hours at a time. In fact, 82% were distracted by their phones for over 10 minutes at a time

Now, observing caregivers and seeing them on their phones is not surprising, if you looked at the population, in general, you would find MOST of them on their phones at any given point in time.

However, in a disturbing and perhaps worrying trend, the study found that children were more at risk of injuries when their caregiver was distracted by their phone.

One parent was so distracted by their phone – for more than 30 minutes – that they didnt notice thier son hitting play equipment or crawling over furniture. Another parent didnt see their baby standing up and falling out of a pram’

Carrie Ewin – Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology – Monash Unversity

So – is this another study set to shame parents or is it a wake up call?

A quick poll of some mum friends shows that we all have been guilty of using our phones while we with our kids, whether at home or while out and about. And to a certain extent, it can’t be avoided. We are all always busy and we are always connected, to our families, social media or the office.

We can’t judge another parent or caregiver if we don’t know their circumstances (and we probably shouldn’t even if we did).

What this study should be is a wake-up call.

Just like we shouldn’t be driving distracted – we should try our best not to be parenting distracted either.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy balance of parent time and phone time, allowing you some lovely time with your kids and a little break too.

What do you think? Is distracted parenting a thing?

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