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Our newest program, the Naked Challenge has just launched!


The Naked Challenge has been design by Mums for busy Mums! It’s all about Stripping back to the bare basics, nakifying your pantry and your health plan with the simplicity and deliciousness of natural whole foods. Our new guidelines are so simple to follow, and our recipes are stripped right back on time and complexity, but definitely not on flavour.


This is a a 6 week program designed to get you feeling and looking your best! It is lifestyle, not a diet. It’s completely family friendly, and when you incorporate our bare principles into your routine you will never have to diet EVER again. We’ve even included mindset and self-care resources to help you re-habituate your mind for the ultimate happiness and success.


The Naked Challenge is designed to meet you where you are on your health journey…even if that’s at ground zero and includes:


✔️ 6 Week Meal Planner

✔️ 15 min workouts with 2 x professional fitness experts 

✔️ Wholesome family-friendly recipes (NO calorie counting)

✔️ Mindset & Personal Development guidance

✔️ Amazing and supportive community

✔️ Pantry Detox Tips

✔️ Nutrition Support Products included

✔️ Weekly check in with ME to help you with your time management & family health journey 


This is YOUR CHANCE to draw a line in the sand and level up in life! When we feel healthy & happy – it flows into all areas of our lives!


To up the stakes a little, we are giving away a $500 voucher to the top winning Naked Challenge health transformation! The voucher will be for the winner’s favourite store for a well earned transformation shopping spree!  Think Lorna Jane make over (everyone needs cute active wear 😋), David Jones, Mecca, Tiffany, Organic Health Food store… what ever the winner’s heart desires! . Winning is simple. The BEST before and after photo will win! Selected by our team of health experts, we are looking at overall transformation in health and happiness ❤️!


So if you’re ready to create change with EASE, GRACE and FLOW, and do away with dieting FOR GOOD, we designed our Naked program for YOU ❤️


If  you’d like to find out more, message me on Instagram @TheWholesomeHealthMovement and I’ll send you an info pack. x


Ebony Prescott -


Ebony is a Mum to two beautiful girls. She runs an online health and wellness business, The Wholesome Health Movement, and is passionate about family health and clean, wholefood nutrition. On her own journey to better health and low-tox living, she hopes to inspire others along the way.