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My Fit Tribe – Bootcamps and Fitness solutions that support Mums at all fitness levels!

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of going to a gym, but still want to get active and lose weight?

My Fit Tribe offers the best Outdoor boot camps in Brisbane.  A great way to start your fitness journey, and an added bonus to be training with other like-minded women, and other Mums!

At My Fit Tribe we will welcome you with open arms and plenty of high fives.  Like no other “mothers’ group” you could imagine.  When you join My Fit Tribe you will not only meet like-minded women who get you, you will make friends for life that have your back!

Fun and friends at a Boot Camp Class

My Fit Tribe’s group classes incorporate all of the best elements of training in the great outdoors. Motivating and mood-boosting workouts with women who get it and get YOU. With a great variety of classes, My Fit Tribe gives you a taste of everything – strength (weights training), boxing, agility, cardio, meditation and more.

My Fit Tribe is very focused on creating a safe, friendly and non-threatening environment for women.  We welcome women of all stages of their fitness journey, from mum’s to be to women training for ultra-marathons…we have a class for you!

No babysitter? No Problem!

Sometimes the kids still want to join in too!

With the most child-friendly Women’s Classes in Brisbane, MFT offers qualified babysitters at all morning classes.  These amazing angels love nothing more than to supervise, cuddle, rock prams, push swings and entertain your little ones while you get time for YOU.

*PSST – Danni Vee also runs an amazing online 8-week program for women – 360 Mind Body Reset – which you can read about here…*

My Fit Tribe offers support from every angle of health.  Danni Vee, the founder of My Fit Tribe, began her journey empowering women through fitness over 10 years ago. As someone who has fought many of her own battles, she wanted to create a fitness brand that uplifted and empowered women to find themselves not just through training the body, but through the mind and nutrition.  Through this belief, Danni has created workouts and nutrition information that fits your life as a busy mum.  They have also developed a strong online community where you can access the tribe’s recipes, motivation, snack ideas and a place where stories are shared. My Fit Tribe is a way of life, a place for mums to get strong in a welcoming and supportive environment.

The Tribe is waiting for you!

Here’s what Mums have to say about My Fit Tribe:



Justine is a mother of 2 under 3. She is a music teacher.
Justine has always battled with maintaining a healthy weight….until she found Danni Vee and My Fit Tribe!
Justine has now discovered the right balance of healthy food, focused training and a strong unstoppable confidence.
Since choosing health from the inside out Justine now has the energy to be a better mum, partner, teacher and achieve her fitness goals and beyond!!


Autumn McDonnell on My Fit Tribe:

Danni has created such a supportive, welcoming and extremely uplifting environment with My Fit Tribe. As a new Mum, getting back into fitness was a little scary but the other members and all of the trainers made me feel so welcome and I looked forward to my class every week. Not only did I get an amazing workout from the highly skilled trainers, my ab muscles hurt from all the laughs as well. I would recommend My Fit Tribe to anyone. 

Find out how My Fit Tribe can help you today – see the timetable and locations here, Check out the website, or get in contact with Danni and the Team here


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.