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Modern Baby Shower Games: Our Top 16 Ideas

Most first time mums will have a baby shower before their little one arrives. Some of us decide to celebrate our second or third babies impending arrival with a Baby Sprinkle.

Baby shower games are usually a fun part of the day. We’ve put together our top ideas for modern baby shower games to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new baby.

Guess Baby’s Stats

Have each guest write down the time and date of when they think the baby will arrive. If the gender is unknown you could add that in as a guess, as well as baby’s weight and height.

Of course a winner for this won’t be known until bub makes an appearance but it can be fun to speculate.

baby stats baby shower games
Source: Catch My Party

How Many Jelly Beans in the Baby Bottle?

You can pick up containers in the shape of baby bottles from most party shops. By some jelly beans (or any other lolly that takes your fancy) and count them as you add them to the jar.

Have your guests guess how many lollies are in the bottle. Whoever’s guess is the closest gets to take the container home.

Baby Bottle Jelly Beans Baby Shower Games
Source: A Little Bit Of Everything

Guess the Book

While I have heard of mums-to-be asking for guests to bring along a classic children’s book in lieu of a card or gift, this adds a fun element to it.

Ask guests to wrap the gift according to what the book is about. Then at the baby shower, mum can guess the titles before she opens them.

Baby Shower Game Guess the Book
Source: Country Living

Pin the Dummy on the Baby’s Mouth

Print out a picture of a baby as well as a picture of a dummy (enough for each guest). Find a blindfold and like the traditional pin the tail on the donkey, each guest takes turns at seeing how close they can get the dummy to the baby’s mouth. Whoever is closest wins.

pin the dummy on the baby
Source: Party City

Play-Doh Babies

Grab some play-doh and have guests get artistic in creating sculptures of babies. Have prizes for the most creative works of art.

Play-Doh Babies
Source: Mom Junction

Find the Guest

This is a fabulous game to play if there will be guests present who won’t necessarily know each other that well. This game will have them chatting to each other in the race to see who can find guests who match each description on the list.

Find the guest baby shower games
Source: Babyology

Blindfolded Baby-Changing

Grab some baby dolls and take turns with a blindfold to see who can put a nappy on the baby with their eyes closed. As a mum of three, I think I would have a pretty good chance of coming out on top with this one.

blindfolded nappy changing
Source: Untumble

My Water Broke

Grab some oversized ice cube trays (hello Kmart) and some tiny baby dolls and freeze them. Give one to each guest and whoever has their ice melt the fastest wins and needs to shout “My water broke”.

my water broke baby shower games
Source: My Healthy Happy Home

Know Your Baby Shower ABC’s

Write the alphabet down the left side of a piece of paper and hand out copies to each guest.

For each letter, have them write down a word that’s associated with babies (example: B is for bottle). Whoever writes the most words in one minute is the winner.

baby abcs baby shower games
Source: Celebrate Life Crafts

DIY Baby Headband Station

If you know you are having a girl, a DIY baby headband station is a really fun way to play at a baby shower. It is more activity than game, but you can compete for who makes the best one.

Baby Shower Headband Station
Source: The Ribbon Retreat

Late night nappy changing

I love this idea as it not only gives you something to do at a baby shower it will be nice to help new mummas through those hard sleepless first few weeks.

Hand out a newborn nappy or two to each guest and have them write encouraging words to the new mum, who will see them when she is feeling the most alone at those 2 am nappy changes.

Late night nappy changes baby shower games
Source: Sweet September

The Baby Bucket List

Have guests write down one thing the new mum should do in baby’s first year. The suggestions could include things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when and if they have a baby, or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with the baby.

Baby bucket list
Source: Etsy

Decorate a Onesie

Grab some plain white onesies and some fabric paint or pens and have each guest decorate a onesie for bub when to wear when they arrive. The most creative onesie wins a prize.

decorate a onesie baby shower games
Source: The Little Umbrella

Baby Animals Matching Game

How well does your guests know their baby animal names? Find out with a fun quiz.

baby animal name matching
Source: Right and West

Baby Food Test

Buy some jars of baby food and take off the labels. Have guests taste test them and see who can guess the most flavours.

baby food test baby shower games

Advice Cards

A simple but thoughtful idea that won’t ever go out of fashion. Collect words of wisdom for the mum-to-be then put them in a baby book as keepsakes.

words of wisdom advice cards
Source: Etsy

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