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Mini Nation For Your Mini-People

The little people in our lives do so much for us, always taking on the world with a sense of adventure and curiosity. There’s no doubt in our minds that they experience the world in a totally unique way, and that’s what makes childhood so magical. Just by being there, they can change how we see our world too.

As parents, there’s a wonderful feeling to being able to treat the little people in your life to all those special things, from high quality contemporary clothes to delightful décor and even engaging toys, games and activities. For all of that, parents need Mini Nation.

What is Mini Nation?

Mini Nation are a unique Australian-owned online shopping hub for all of those magical little people who brighten your life so much. They stock stunning contemporary clothing for babies and children (0-6 years) as well as a carefully selected range of accessories, shoes, toys and décor.

Mini Nation has searched high and low for products that really stand out from the crowd, focusing on Australian designers and impressive international brands. Everything in the Mini Nation range has been hand-picked, with an emphasis on quality, uniqueness, and of course affordability.

Mini Nation Dolls cot and stroller
Gorgeous doll’s cot and stroller

Who is Behind Mini Nation?

One of the reasons that Mini Nation really stands out in the online shopping world parents have encountered in the past is because it has been built from the ground up with the experience of parents in mind. Mini Nation owner Jodie is a mum herself, and she says she was inspired by other mums in building Mini Nation.

“There are so many amazing mums out there building and running their own businesses and I find them so inspirational. We are a strong supporter of other small businesses and are continually expanding our range in support of these.”

Jodie’s two daughters are also a driving factor behind the rapidly growing Mini Nation website. After Jodie has done the hard work curating the unique pieces that make up the Mini Nation selection, Jodie’s daughters are only too happy to test the products and make sure they’re up to Mini Nation’s high standards.

“I love getting the girls involved in the business and learning how a business runs – both girls love trying out new products!”

Mini Nation bunny romper
How cute are these bunny rompers?

Why Choose Mini Nation?

There are so many fantastic children’s products out there on the internet, from incredibly talented designers all over the world. Accessing these items however, is not as easy as it might appear. Yes, the world is a smaller place now, but the work involved in finding those really distinctive pieces spread on large numbers of websites and then paying often exorbitant shipping costs… Well it often isn’t worth it.

When you choose Mini Nation as your online shopping portal for everything to help Dress, Decorate and Play for kids, you’re cutting out the challenges. Instead of thousands of items of dubious quality, you can choose from a carefully chosen collection of high quality, affordable designs that really stand out from the crowd. Along with that, you have the opportunity to support a growing Australian-based business kept alive by one mum’s passion for all things beautiful for little people.

“I absolutely love seeing photos of little ones we are tagged in and the joy in their faces, it is a very rewarding part of running the business seeing our products in new homes.”

Mini Nation wooden toys for nursery
These wooden pieces add a timeless touch to the nursery

Check Out Mini Nation Today

Mini Nation is always in the process of adding new, high-quality brands to their online shopping line-up, so buyers will find there’s always something new to delight over. Jodie is hard at work on expanding the Mini Nation range even further in the year to come and will be announcing (on Mini Nation social channels) other exciting updates including a potential pop-up store and availability at local Brisbane markets.

Here at Mums of Brisbane we’re always trying to offer something of value to our readers. So, because we love Mini Nation so much and know you all will too, we’ve partnered with Jodie to offer free delivery to local Brisbane shoppers for purchases of any value on the Mini Nation store. To take advantage of this great offer, simply use the code BNELOCAL at the checkout.

Plus you can get 10% off your first order by signing up to receive the Mini Nation newsletter on their website.

If you do choose to support Mini Nation by outfitting your special little person in some of their fantastic products, make sure you tag Jodie online using the hashtag #mininationau. Also, be sure to check in regularly with Mini Nation so you don’t miss any of their shop updates!


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