Meals coming soon at a Goodstart Early Learning Centre near you

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Meals coming soon at a Goodstart Early Learning Centre near you

What is Goodstart Early Learning?

Goodstart Early Learning is a not-for-profit early learning provider with centres across Australia. They provide long childcare and kindergarten programs with a focus on stimulating, age-appropriate learning environments that utilise the most current research and best practice in early learning.

They also believe that the early years are important for developing positive, long-term healthy eating habits (more on that below).

100% Australian owned, every dollar they make goes back into their centres and providing great learning outcomes for children in their care.

They lay a great foundation for children in an early learning setting to build upon, setting them up to be lifelong learners. Whether they are a baby heading into the nursery, or a preschooler headed to kindy, Goodstart Early Learning has a strong mission of giving children the best possible start to life through access to quality early learning.

It’s more than ‘just a childcare centre’

It’s more than ‘just a Childcare Centre’

Goodstart Early Learning cares not only about the children in their care, but also about the families who attend their centres.

Recently when the Childcare Subsidy came into effect, Goodstart Early Learning was the first to adapt its fixed operating hours to suit the new subsidy. Parents could elect to pay for 9 or 10 hour sessions, or stay with the ‘full day’ (12 hour) session.

This allowed parents who needed full time care to stay within their capped childcare subsidy hours, but also for families to manage their care arrangements in a way that suited them, instead of a one size fits all approach.


Meals coming soon at Goodstart Early Learning

It is this same attitude to putting the children and their families first that has seen Goodstart Early Learning start to roll out chef-prepared and healthy meals – for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea – at no extra cost to parents.

‘We are very pleased that the centre offers meals which exposed my child to variety of food and flavours from early days. We noticed that she started to eat some vegetables which she wouldn’t want to get near before. She can also name quite a lot fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets. Besides, when we used to prepare meals, it was not only time consuming in the morning, but also hard to come up with different food ideas. We strongly believe by providing meals, the centre has made positive impact on my child’s growth and development.’

Parent – Goodstart Indooroopilly – Witton Road


The chef prepared meals were designed with children in mind and have a mix of fresh vegetables and legumes, seasonal fruit, lean fresh meat and fish, wholegrains and dairy options. They also cater for food intolerances and religious preferences.

They aim to help children to try, and then love, a diverse range of food and flavors by introducing these foods during the early years and in a relaxed setting. Goodstart Early Learning believes that the early years are formative for children to develop healthy eating habits.

‘The food program provides the peace of mind that my child is eating a healthy variety of food with cultural and taste diversity that I wouldn’t be able to provide. The benefits are mutually enjoyed by parent and child.’

Parent – Goodstart Wavell Heights


We know that children can eat better when they are with their peer group (you can read more about that here) and eating the same foods as each other. The home-style meals, eaten together, lay a solid foundation for positive and long-term healthy eating habits.

In a further commitment to families across Queensland, Goodstart Early Learning is providing these meals at no additional cost to families.

 ‘I was so glad to put my child in this centre. It provided more hours which was very accommodating to my situation of work, and when you brought in the food services this reduced the stress of rushing home and having to put tomorrows lunch together worrying if it was healthy, or enough. The staff were extremely supportive, and cannot recommend them enough.’

Parent – Goodstart Innisfail


Find Out More About Goodstart Early Learning

Goodstart Early Learning have centres across Brisbane – you can find your local centre via the link below.

Goodstart Early Learning now provide balanced, healthy meals at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at no additional cost across most Centres. Contact your local Goodstart Centre to find out more or click here.


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