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Mama Vibe Tribe Hypnobirthing Classes In Brisbane

Mama Vibe Tribe is run by Danika a Mum of 2 who experienced amazing births of her children after seeking out HypnoBirthing®. The experience of her first birth was so empowering she decided to become a practitioner to help other women have a similar experience.

Since training in November 2017 she has helped women have all different types of birth experiences, from surgical, to augmented or completely drug-free. There is no room for judgement or forcing of ideas within the Mama Vibe Tribe.


What is Hypnobirthing?

HypnoBirthing® is a series of techniques that are designed to help a Mama relax during her birth. This allows for the natural physiological of birth to take place unhindered and hopefully more quickly, calmly and beautifully than a birth augmented by hospital procedure.

The program is very Mama centred as well as focusing on the physiological birth we empower women to make the best choice for themselves and their baby whatever their birthing may bring. This means we hear the most empowering stories of all types on birth.


What can you expect at a Hypnobirthing Class?

The techniques taught in the HypnoBirthing® International program are designed to engage Dad’s and other birth partners. This ensures our Mama’s feel loved and supported throughout their pregnancy, birth and even sets up wonderful post natal experiences for her. By encouraging birth partners to support a Mama fully during pregnancy birth and beyond we find that the men feel like they are active participants in the process and have equally amazing stories to tell as our Mama’s.

The techniques you learn in this five part series have been specifically transformed for the models of care offered in Australia. The program is constantly being updated and amended to reflect the most up to date curriculum so women can feel confident they are getting a modern program.


During the course, taught in person over five weeks, you will learn more than just breathing techniques to help you relax into labour. We discuss pre natal bonding, give you an abundance of different relaxations so you can pick and choose what works for you, nutrition, birthing positions, rebozo, massage and more. You will have a tool kit full of different things to support you during labour and birth and even after birth.

How Can You Get Involved?

If the idea of an empowering and beautiful birth speaks to you then HypnoBirthing® With Mama Vibe Tribe may be the perfect program to educate yourself about birth. Mama Vibe Tribe offers free info session throughout the year hosted by HypnoBirthing® International as well as free consultations at any time to help you decide if this is the right fit for you.

For more information – or to download a FREE mediation booklet to help you through birth – head to the Mama Vibe Tribe Website now! CLICK HERE


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