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KMO Web Design and Digital Marketing

KMO is a web design and digital marketing agency located in Brisbane. We’ve been located in Brisbane since 2007 and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and outcomes focused solutions.  We are an experienced committed team that has worked to together for many years and offer customers affordable websites and marketing and social media solutions implemented by people with a strong understanding of online strategy, tracking and user experience.

One of the websites designed by KMO

I have always known I would start my own business. I started KMO after my twins started Kindy. Along the way, and like most business owners, we’d had our challenges to overcome. However, overall we’ve been exceptionally lucky and to be honest, while it sound cliche, we really do work with some amazing customers. I personally meet most customers and I think that is a great way to start the relationship as you then tend to end up working with people you get along with and therefore develop strong relationships. I personally hate people trying to do a “hard sell” and at KMO we avoid that type of tactic and we also avoid confusing “sales talk”. Rather we offer honest logical solutions and I think for most of our customers, this is something they like about working with us.


KMO had an immediate understanding of the impression we wanted to create through our website after just one consultation. The developers considered our corporate culture and our target market before presenting us with tailored website design examples to allow us to select the approach we needed.

Fran Platz

About KMO Web Design and Digital Marketing

I have always been passionate about web design, user experience and ecommerce. After graduating from University, I worked in Malaysia and during this time worked with a team that was one of the first to build a multi-currency payment gateway for both real-time and batch payment processing. I truely have been in e-commerce from the very beginning!  I am passionate about user experience and I love working in the user experience field. It’s amazing how much a small tweak the the web design can change conversion rates and I find the human interaction side quite fascinating. At KMO we aim to build an user experience that addresses the key elements of usefulness, desirability, credibility and accessibility resulting in a website that is intuitive and predictable.

Affordable, well designed and optimised websites.

Digital marketing has also seen some really exciting advancements take place quickly. I feel digital marketing has allowed small business to build a strong market position and really take advantage of local markets and reach target audiences like never before. In saying that, there is a lot of money wasted when digital marketing is not done correctly and it’s important for business to ensure they trust the person they engage and that they have the technical skill required. However, being digital reporting is very transparent which is great.

Since contracting KMO and under Katrina’s guidance, enquiries from the website have tripled. When first investigating website companies around the Brisbane area, Katrina was the only one who responded by contacting me personally. That personal service has continued and has always been prompt, efficient and effective. We have been rated No 1 for months now on the Google websearch. I find the advice is in plain, simple English. I have found her marketing advice invaluable.

Kay Dawson Proprietor

Digital Marketing with KMO

One thing I do love about being, and working with small businesses is our ability to change and adapt to markets quickly.  I feel that’s what digital marketing is all about, you try, test modify and move quickly. It’s a fantastic and exciting area to work in.

Small business social media plans avaliable

Our goal is to help organisations get the most from their website and online presence, whether that’s more visits, more engagement, purchases, or something more unique to their situation.  Overall, KMO as a company is affordable, easy and approachable going yet a professional and experienced digital agency. We are very experienced at what we do and consistently deliver results from, web design to search engine optimisation and social media marketing, KMO is one of Brisbane’s go to agencies for everything digital.

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If you need affordable, professional web design, digital marketing or social media plans – contact KMO at or on 1300 965 232

See what more clients are saying about KMO:

Norton White decided to re-new the firm’s website design to better present Norton White and to provide our clients and potential clients with more relevant information in a better format.


Our website development started with a basic outline of our desired website structure and a hand-drawn picture of the desired “look”. Very quickly, kmo presented us with a draft site that captured our vision. It took very few iterations before we had an attractive and active website.


kmo were entirely responsive in the website development stage and continue to be responsive as we further develop the functionality of the site – adding new features. Nothing seems too much trouble. And no tech jargon! kmo presents every new development or activity in terms that can be easily understood. kmo stands out in the industry for their understanding of their customer and their customer’s needs and has a crystal clear customer focus.


kmo is good value compared to other providers in terms of the price and quality of their service. They are responsive and always prepared to do that extra bit.

Alan Ward – Consultant, Norton White

If you need affordable, professional web design, digital marketing or social media plans – contact KMO at or on 1300 965 232


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