Juggling Motherhood – When You Need A Helping Hand

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Juggle Street when you need a helping hand

Juggling Motherhood – When You Need A Helping Hand

As a mum it goes without saying that our lives are a constant juggle. Whether you are a working mum or a stay at home mum there never seems to be an end in sight to the growing to-do list.

As the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, but in these modern times that village has shifted. Our village is now in the online world. The Mums of Brisbane FB group acts as space for you to vent, seek recommendations and make friends. But at times you need someone in your neighbourhood to give you a break every now and then, or to help manage the tricky time between school finishing and you get home from work.

That is where Juggle Street come in. They have created a neighbourhood network, which provides busy parents with a super easy, reliable way to meet carers in their local area.

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Take the struggle out of the juggle

We know everyone’s circumstances are different and full-time daycare or a nanny is not possible financially for some. But at times having a neighbour close by who can help out when you need it can be a great relief.

Juggle Street is not a childcare agency. Instead they have created a platform that allows you to build a community in your local neighbourhood.  Allowing you to post babysitting and nanny jobs introducing you to local carers close by.

Juggle Street is a social network where busy working parents put their neighbours to work.

How it works

Parents join the Juggle Street network and post their jobs either from a desktop or mobile. Carers in your area are then alerted to the job and can apply in real-time by SMS.

As with anything due diligence is required when choosing someone to look after your children. You can search for carers with a current first aid certificate and a working with children check. This will help put your mind at ease when leaving your kids with someone new.

The platform can help you with this, as you can see job ratings and reviews from other parents against the carers profile.

Plus you can filter results for an ideal match. Based on age and experience, whether the carer has a driver’s licence, working with children check or any experience with children with special needs.

As a parent, your address and phone number are only shared when a job is awarded and carers get paid in cash by you at the end of each job.

Get started

To get started you will need to create a parent’s profile. Once that is complete you can send online invites to connect.

With a few clicks, you can create a job, set the price you wish to pay and post it where many babysitters and nannies in your area will be able to apply for the job.

Because you will have the choice of older more experienced carers as well as less costly high school students there is sure to be an option that suits your family’s needs.

You can learn more by visiting their website.

Juggle Street is free for Mums of Brisbane until 1 March

Enjoy unlimited access to post one-off babysitting and recurring nanny jobs as you need. All you need to do is pay the sitter your agreed price at the end of the job.


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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.