How To Be More Efficient In The Lead Up To School Starting

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How To Be More Efficient In The Lead Up To School Starting

Starting back at school again after the holidays is hard, you guys!

It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve had one week off or six, there’s a certain sluggishness about us all that makes getting prepped and ready for the new school year a massive effort. While it’s nice to think we can just ‘wing it’ when school starts and cross our fingers that everything will be ok, it makes more sense and is a lot less stressful if we lay the groundwork of organisation in the lead-up.

So, here are a few things you can do to be more efficient in the lead up to school starting. If this is the year you are more organised (it is for us!) then you need to get onto this NOW!

It’s time to enforce bedtimes again…

Adjust Bedtimes

Kids, particularly older children, stretch bedtimes during the holidays because there’s simply so much fun to be had, and so little time. While parents do try to keep those same routines, it’s easy to lose track and before you know it your kids are in bed much later than normal. Make sure to bring those bedtimes back into line at least a few days, preferably a week, before school starts. That way, you know your kids are getting enough sleep. After all, they’re going to need it!

If your kids don’t already get up with the sunrise 🙂

Be An Early Riser

An earlier bedtime for your kids, and for you, should correspond to an earlier wake-up. Think about when you have to get your kids up and ready for school, and adjust your wake ups accordingly. This is really a big problem for parents whose kids love to sleep in, and we know that isn’t everyone. But if your kids are big snoozers, get them used to getting up early before school starts, so the shock isn’t too bad.

Get Your School Stuff Ready

We are big believers in the ‘back-to-school-list’ and advocate for it highly in the lead up to school for those mums and dads looking to be more effective. Having all your children’s school stuff ready, from bags and lunchboxes to uniforms, shoes, socks and accessories, is a big job. Writing a list allows you to work through the necessities at a manageable pace, and ensures that you don’t forget anything.

Once you have all the school stuff ready, make things even easier and more effective by putting together your child’s backpack with all their school supplies somewhere accessible, and organise (or for older children have them organise) somewhere their uniforms (including socks) will be stored for easy access.

Don’t forget to label everything as well! We have some great hints and tips on labelling everything for school here

Who’s ready for school to go back?

Trial New Systems

Any new system is only good if it works well for those using it, and the way to test that is through practice. If you have a great idea for a system to simplify your children’s morning routine (or their afternoon one) get everything set up and do a trial run using some other kind of outing (like a trip to the beach or wildlife park). For those who feel their morning or afternoon routines are a mess, consider a children’s command centre.

We like this backpack wall and these command centre ideas. These can help to ensure homework is done, school notes aren’t lost, and lunchboxes never disappear with food in them only to be rediscovered horrifically weeks later.


Meal Prep

Probably the biggest adjustment when getting back to school for parents is having to get back into the habit of making lunches and ensuring there are lots of learning-friendly snacks on hand.

You can be more effective in the lead up to school starting again by just meal prepping the first few weeks of lunches. Sandwiches tend not to freeze that well (they can get soggy on thawing) but there are lots of other child-friendly meals that work well including lasagne and vegetable slices, fried rice, breakfast tacos, spaghetti etc. You could even make your own rissoles or meatballs, which are fantastic for lunches. Fill your freezer with these and then it’s as easy as taking them out the night before to thaw, and then sending your kids off to school in the morning with a nice healthy, delicious lunch. Simple!

There are lots of things that parents and carers can do right now to ease the transition back to school after the holidays. It isn’t always easy to get organised, but once systems are in place it really does reduce stress on you and on the kids. We’d love to hear what kinds of things you do to get organised and ensure your household is ready for school to start.

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