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What you should pack in your hospital bag – The Hospital Bag Checklist

When I think back to my first pregnancy… I really had no clue.


Honestly it was a complete guessing game. I read WAY too many books did a lot of goggling and then just made everything up as I went along anyway. Including what to pack for the hospital bag!


Actually I never really got to pack the ‘traditional’ hospital bag as I was admitted at 33 weeks for my first and 32 weeks for my second so I knew that I wouldn’t be needing clothes, nappies or wraps as my babies would be prem and going straight to the NICU.


But none the less I have still have two babies, and I was in hospital for 10 days each time…


Soooo I feel like I have some expertise in the ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ discussion.

Our Hospital Bag Checklist


  • Driver’s licence, Medicare card and private health insurance details if applicable. Also make sure you have completed all your pre-admission hospital forms.


  • IPhone and camera. AND IPhone charger AND camera charger. Just in case your camera runs out of battery, have IPhone ready to capture all the snaps. You can never take too many photos.


  • Think snacks; healthy, unhealthy, nuts, apples, chocolates, lollies, yogurt tubs, bliss balls, the choice is yours. I also had sushi delivered. Lots of sushi.


  • The bigger, the more high waisted, the cheaper and the blacker the better. Also many, many, many pairs! There is no point in investing in expensive undies ladies… sorry if that is TMI but you’re about to have a baby; all topics are on the table! Also if you’re having a c-sec you really want HIGH undies; which sit above you incision. I would also recommend going a size bigger… again think comfort!


  • Feeding Singlets and/or feeding bras. Breastfeeding is equally parts amazing as it is emotional; so you need to make it is easier for yourself. I adored having feeding singlets, which made it easy to feed bubs and it also kept my post baby tummy covered. I loved that you could layer tops, jumpers, and dresses over the top. Underwire bras are a no-go with post baby boobs…trust me.


  • Lip Balm, moisturisers, hand creams and facial spritz. All that hand sanitising and air conditioning makes for some serious dehydration! I loved having a refreshing ‘Rose Water’ spritz for a little pick me up during the day. Self-care as a mother is almost impossible but oh-so important; so start the self-care love from day one with a little bit of lux in hospital.


  • Maternity pads; whether you’re having a natural or a c-sec these are a must! I loved using TOM Organic Maternity Pads as I found they were the softest. Two boxes is not enough…


  • Nipple Care. Your nipples are about to get a workout. They might leak a little (or in my case a lot) and they might get cracked and sore. Remember to pack nipple pads to stop any leaking and a good organic, natural nipple balm. You want to be able to eat the nipple balm… well not really but kind of… your baby is going to be eating it while they breastfeed so… nipple balm without the nasties is essential.


  • Toiletries & Makeup. Everything you need to make you feel like you! Now I’m more a minimal makeup lady, but I NEED my mascara! Also basics, shampoo, condition, hair drier (if you have long hair), hair brush, face wash, moisturiser and the most important DRY SHAMPOO. Saved me many a times. Also some thongs to wear in the shower.


  • Comfortable and breastfeeding friendly clothes. Anything with zips and buttons is great. Basically you want clothes that have the comfort of PJs but are a bit more stylish so when unexpected guests, like your work colleague’s pop in, you can be confident and confortable. Remember to pack some high-waisted pants options! Because tight, low pants and a c-sec don’t mix!


  • Cosy throw/jumper/cardi and thick socks. Hospitals can get VERY cold even if you have the middle-of-the-night-post-baby-sweats!


  • Newborn nappies and wipes. Some hospitals do supply to just check with yours first. A lot of hospitals also recommend using wet organic cotton pads to wipes babies as it is less irritating on newborn skin. But also bring all the wipes… as you will realise now you’re a mother; wipes are your best friend!


  • All the wraps! Stretchy and muslin. And don’t forget to pack your pretty, on trendy #instaworthy wraps for all those photos. But seriously wraps are amazing; obviously for swaddling baby, as an extra blanket and also for burping the baby.


  • Clothes for the baby. This really depends on how long you are staying in hospital for; but I would recommend the following for each day: singlets x 2, onsies x 2 (depending on the size of your baby 0000, or 000 or maybe if you are having a smaller babe 00000). Also remember a beanie, socks and maybe some mittens. Also remember the all important ‘going home outfit’.


  • Whether you are pro or anti dummy… I would pack one…. FYI babies cry.


  • Capsule installed in the car ready for your first car ride as a family.

What essentials did you pack in your hospital bag?

Scroll down to get our downloadable list today! Stick it on your fridge and you are ready to pack – plus – if for some reason you don’t have time to pack your bag, there is a handy list for your partner to use, and trust me, you want them to have a list of things to bring in for you in this circumstance. #beenThereDoneThat



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