A Guide To Water Parks In And Around Brisbane

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A Guide To Water Parks In And Around Brisbane

One of the things that can bring great joy to children is being in a waterpark. Nothing can bring out the sparkle in their eyes than being in a place that merges a pool and a playground into one happy place. 

Kids in Brisbane are very fortunate to have access to a handful of waterparks. Some are gigantic – guaranteed to absorb that energy and love for water, some, not as complex but are fun and exciting just the same. So if you are looking for the park nearest your place, then this definitely is the guide to read.

An even better news is that a lot of water parks around Brisbane provide free public access while some require a very minimal entrance fee. So there definitely is no excuse not to bring children to the local water parks in the Brisbane area.

Here’s a guide to waterparks in and around Brisbane.

Wynnum Water Park

This may be the oldest water park in Brisbane but it is still one of the most enjoyable for kids. Let your children scale whale bumps that spout cool and clean water, and climb around nets along this water playground built in the 1930s.

Let them bask under the sun, as they soak in the man-made white sand Pandanus beach, and enjoy in the modern jetty. The wading pool in this aqua playground varies from knee deep for young tots, and waist deep for older children. There is a picnic area in this location, perfect for summer lunches and afternoon snacks.

The Wynnum Wading Pool and Waterpark is located along Wynnum Esplanade.

Wynnum Water Park
Source: Playscape Creations

Orion Lagoon 

Truly a refreshing sight with the clear water and a wide wading area children will truly enjoy. Kids of all ages will surely be delighted at the Orion Lagoon with its interconnected pools that are lined with rubberized stepping stones. Even toddlers can enjoy water fun in the 0.3 metre deep pool. A great place to cool off especially during summer days.

The lagoon is surrounded by cabanas that accommodate families and friends that came to enjoy the water park. Visitors can either bring their own food, or buy from select food stalls in the area. There are also floating devices that are for sale to those who may want to avail. Lockers and shower rooms can also be accessed by the visitors.

The Orion Lagoon is located along Southern Cross Circuit in Springfield Central. Admission is free.

orion lagoon brisbane water park
Source: Discover Ipswich

Splash N’ Play Water Park 

Your children’s eyes will surely light up at the Splash N’ Play Water Park with the many fun aquatic attractions that kids of all ages can enjoy. Sprayers, fountains, fun puddles and much more entertain younger children including toddlers who are in to beat the summer heat!

Older children and teenagers will have fun splashing in and around the pools and exploring aqua arches. Always a hit is Splash N’Play’s “Skywalk” that leads to a giant twirling slide! Apart from sliding fun, kids will also enjoy climbing about spider-web like nets, and the State-of-the-Art playground for tots!

The Splash N’Play Waterpark offers free admission. It is located at Amity Way in South Ripley.

splash n play ripley water park brisbane
Source: providenceripley.com.au

Robelle Domain

There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than going to Robelle Domain with the kids. Imagine taking them to a place with state-of-the-art water playground that consists of sprays, tipping buckets, huge play area, wading area, and a picnic location to boot. The popular tipping bucket in this waterpark dumps some 700 litres of water again, and again, and again on super giddy and excited kids.

It also has parents in mind, as the water park has a café right at its centre. A visit can be very therapeutic too, thanks to the green scenery of the lush garden around Robelle Domain. It also has great access for children in prams as well as those with special needs, as the area has appropriate ramps that could get them in and around the park areas. There is a daily light show that happens at about 7 pm for everyone to enjoy.

Access to Robelle Domain is free. It is located along Southern Cross Circuit in Springfield Central.

robelle domain brisbane water park
Source: Discover Ipswich

Rocks Riverside Park 

How can a child not enjoy a trip to the Rocks Riverside Park, with the wide wading area, and playground perched on top of shallow pool waters? This place has always been a hit for families during summertime because aside from the water-themed play areas it also has a picnic area and playground meant to entertain the whole family for as long as their energy levels can keep up.

The Rocks Riverside Park also features a sand pit, a basketball court, climbing areas and barbecue grills for families having a picnic. Bikes are also welcome in this water park as children can explore all of its 26-hectares aboard their bicycles!

Rocks Riverside Waterpark is located along Counihan Road in Seventeen Mile Rocks. Entrance is free of charge.

Rocks riverside park brisbane water park
Source: Pinterest

South Bank Lagoon and Aquativity

This Brisbane waterpark will surely be enjoyed by families who both love free and fun water entertainment. Located right in the city centre, the South Bank Lagoon and Aquativity comprise of a man-made beach, fountains, pools meant for each age group, a water playground for kids of all ages, plus a picnic and barbecue area to boot!

Truly, it will be a whole day of water fun for both children and their parents because apart from the aquativity area, the place is surrounded by parklands and greenery which is super relaxing to the eyes.

Let the children squeal to their hearts’ delight as they bask in this fun water park that also takes into consideration the budget and relaxation of parents.

Aquativity at South Bank Parklands
Source: Discover Brisbane

Darlington Parklands 

This waterpark along Yarrabilba Drive can be considered as one of the best water parks in the whole Brisbane. Children of all ages will definitely have fun exploring the exciting features of this water park.

Splash pools, plus the fountains, streams and rocks that dot the area. The sprinklers are also aplenty and will indeed let out a happy chuckle from the children who are playing along. What is even more exciting for children here is that they can block the streams of water such that it will flow out from another spout.

Apart from the waterpark, it has an exciting playground that will help burn the extra energy of your active kids. Sandpits, tunnels, climbing zone, and the flying fox all get a thumbs up even from the hardest to please kids.

And since this water park has achieved super park status among locals, it is best to be in the area before the crowds arrive to secure a barbecue grill and a sun shelter.

Darlington Parklands
Source: Visit Brisbane

The Plantation 

If you are looking for a water park that has all the classic features of a water playground and activity area then look no further than The Plantation in Gumdale. This water play place is a great place to bring young children who would love to play in the wading pool and the shallow swimming area for the little ones.

Older children will also enjoy the slides and pools of varying depths in The Plantation. Teenagers might like the heated indoor pools, the beach volleyball area, among other non-aquatic play areas within the place.

Those who love swimming as a sport or exercise will equally enjoy here because of the Olympic-sized pools. Picnics, meantime can be carried out at the huge lawn area.

Plantation Aquatics
Source: Must Do Brisbane

Broadwater Parklands 

If you are up for a trip down the highway, this water park is not all-year round, but in the summer – it will surely wow any child. While the swimming area is open year round, The Rockpools – which is one of the main attractions in Broadwater Parklands transform into a great play area for children.

The wading pools in this summer play area have huge animal figures that spray water on playful children who are swimming about. There are also pop jets that squirt water everywhere, as well as waterfalls that will surely enthral the young and the young at heart.

And what is great about this venue is that at night time, it transforms into some sort of entertainment under the night sky. The whole family can watch movies, watch a concert or even get serenaded with Christmas Carols during the Holiday Season as the huge lawn gets transformed into a public entertainment area during the evening.

broadwater parklands
Source: Classic Holidays

River Heart Parklands

Water and Sand Fun is what the aquativity area at the River Heart Parklands offer. The no-depth water play area can be explored by children of all ages by walking about, running around, and even cycling through the zero-depth pool.

The mini fountains, sprinklers, stepping stones, mini streams, sprinklers, and interactive fountain will make children squeal in delight. The large water pumps are also a great attraction to the children as they can experiment with the water flow of these pumps.

When the kids have had enough of the water, they can then switch to playing on the dry land which comprises of a sandpit, a huge lawn where children can run around, plus some balance beams. In the same grassed area, parents can set up their picnic and BBQ place, or sit down on the benches complete with shade.

River Heart Parklands, also known as Bob Gamble Park is located at King Edward Parade in Ipswich.

River Heart Parklands water park
Source: Top 100 Experiences

So there you have it, let your kids bask in the sun and cool of the Queensland heat, with these 10 Brisbane waterparks that spell pure joy and fun under the sun.


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