GOMA For Kids – A Full Day of Creative Family Fun (And It’s Free)

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GOMA For Kids – A Full Day of Creative Family Fun (And It’s Free)

As a Mum of Brisbane I have my favorite spots I love to visit, and a couple of times each year the kids and I head in to the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) to get a little creative. I’m someone who has a love for art and a creative spirit and I’ve always loved going to art galleries. This side of me hasn’t changed since becoming a mum, but how I do it and what I see definitely has.

At first it was pushing a pram around, stopping for a feed and having a nice lunch afterwards but now with 3 little ones 5 years and under, it’s not so simple.

Getting there
If you want the “full experience” the kids will love it if you take a bus, train or city cat in to South Bank. On one occasion we took all 3! It wasn’t the most direct route, but for my transport obsessed 3 year old it absolutely made his day….week…year even! It’s a simple thing to do but it really does make for an extra special day.

Or, just jump in your car and head on in to The Cultural Precinct, South Bank. We parked at the GOMA and State Library car park where you pay a flat rate of $16/day on entry. From there, easy peasy up the lift and off we go.

The children’s exhibits at GOMA never fail to impress. The staff are always lovely and over the years the interactive installations and activities provided for kids and families have always entertained. We have built lego overlooking the river, created art, traced using light boxes, danced, created wigs and loads more.

Right now you will find the Kate Beynon- Friendly Beasts exhibit in the Childrens Art Centre of GOMA until the 22nd of October.

Friendly Beasts
Dancing with the Friendly Beasts

Kate Beynon is an Australian artist who aims to promote imagination and fun through her four mythological figures. It was her “Friendly beasts” installation that kept my little beasts 😉 entertained for well over an hour.

With three areas to explore my 3 (aged 18 months, 3 and 5) all found something to interact with.

Mr 18 months loved meeting the friendly beasts, loving the colour and musical rhythms.

Interacting at GOMA

Mr 3 had a ball cutting, gluing and sticking, creating his fantastic beasts mask and then proceeded to run and dance along to the music and images at the video installation in the adjoining room. Like some kind of crazy, hyped up spider money. As I watched on I thought, he’s going to sleep well tonight!

So much creative fun!

And Miss 5 also loved spending time meticulously cutting out and decorating her mask as well as drawing and colouring in the The Lotus Garden room, where visitors add their own designs to the collaboration drawing sheets.

So much concentration.
Spot the children.

A Quick note here: Some of you may remember seeing pictures of a white room with coloured dots all over it a year or so ago? Well, this is Yayoi Kusama- The Obliteration Room, you are given a sticker sheet to add your own spots to the room and it was loads of fun for everyone. It’ll be returning again in October!

Its Coming Back!!

By now the kids are always hungry. If you turn left straight towards the river when you leave the building you will find a grassed area and a massive statue of and elephant on its head. The kids naturally think this is hilarious and a fantastic place for a snack. Its also a great place to watch boats on the river and to chase the water dragons that will come out of the bushes to investigate your lunch.

Then its time for snacks!

Now, if you have a younger flock you might like to call it a day here. This outing is a good half day trip if you’d like to get home for naps, but if you’d like to push on there’s loads more to explore nearby.

What’s on nearby:

Just next door from the gallery you will find the State Library and an amazing Children’s corner. So much fun to be had here, check out the website to find out the children’s and holiday programs (http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/calendar/children)

Within walking distance from the gallery you will also find:

  • Queensland Museum
  • Science Center
  • And of course South bank parklands- great for a swim now the weather is warming up or an adventure on one of the most incredible playgrounds I’ve ever seen.

It’s just so amazing that we have access to so many fantastic opportunities for our kids to get creative and have fun.

So, on our day out we, danced, we glued, we stuck, we drew, we laughed, we sang, we ran and climbed, we had one epic tantrum, but that’s pretty good out of 3 kids right? And we had the trifecta! 3 kids asleep in the car on the way home, my measure of a successful day out!


Ruth is a Brisbane mum of 3 and creator of Print Ark, an online directory showcasing small business, independent artists and designers who sell wall prints, stationery, printed décor and more. Her love of being creative and supporting creatives lead her to Print Ark and you can check it out here: www.printark.com.au or follow along at www.facebook.com/printark.au or www.instagram.com/printark


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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.