Globber Evo 5 in 1 Scooter – A Real Mum’s Review

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Globber Scooter – A Real Mum’s Review

We were recently sent a Globber Evo 5 in 1 to review.

Now I have four kids, aged 3 months, 2, 4 and 6 – and Globber Scooters claim that the Evo 5 in 1 could work for them all!

Honestly, the Evo 5 in 1 IS an amazing Scooter, and if you are looking to get a scooter for your kids, this one would be it!

Spoiler Alert: We actually haven’t had any scooters in our house before, but after trailing this one, I can safety say the other two kids who are old enough will be getting one under the Christmas Tree this Christmas. Shhhhh – don’t tell the kids…

Want to hear why we thought it was so good? Read on to see why…

It can take you from Toddler and beyond

Their are five different settings to Globbers Evo 5 in 1

The Globber Evo 5 in 1 has, as the name suggests, 5 different setting options that can take you from toddler to beyond.

The first option gives you great control and allows the child to become familiar with the scooter. The age range given is from 12 – 36 months, but that will really depend on your child and how much control they need you to have to scoot safely and build their confidence. The first setting has removable ‘wings’ for your child to rest their feet and the scooter pole for you to push along.

The next setting removes the ‘wings’ and would allow your child to push it along with their feet, but also allows you to push along if you need to as well. Just in case you need to grab back control.

My two year old (and four year old for that matter) LOVES the next setting, where they can just sit down and scoot along. I tried the previous setting on him and he was not keen – he likes his independence.

It is very easy to remove the seat and pop the scooter pole in for the next setting.

There isnt too much difference between the next two settings apart from the height of the scooter pole. But having it adjustable means that the scooter will last longer, as your children grow. And lets be honest, there is one thing our children are guaranteed to do, it is to keep on growing!

There is some light assembly required

Putting together the Globber Evo 5 in 1

The Evo 5 in 1 was easy to assemble – either it came with everything needed to assemble it, OR it was just a screwdriver required. There may have been a slight gap between assembly and this review being written. The main thing is, we know it was super easy to assemble. We would remember if it was difficult, right?

The main thing is – if you are switching between settings it is really easy. My kids are changing between the settings all the time and it is pretty simple to add or take away the seat, as needed. The main pole just clips into place too. I think I have even done it one handed while holding the baby.

The setting we use the most

This is what we thought of the Evo 5 in 1

As mentioned above, we LOVE Globbers Evo 5 in 1! As a Mum of 4, what I love most is its versitility. I could buy it for a one year old and know that it would still be going strong for at least another five years (my six year old is using the Evo 5 in 1 and I would think it will last for a few more years for her yet). This makes it a great return on investment.

‘When I go fast I say Whoo Hoo’

Xavier, aged 4

It is sturdy and well made, making it virtually indestructible, and trust me my kids have tried! That’s another win in my book.

It is easy to switch between the two main settings, and while the kids cant do it themselves, I can do it while holding a baby.

Most of all – the kids love it. They are always scooting through our house (they are gentle on hardwood floors) and giggling with glee. Now all we need is to add a couple more so that they will stop fighting over who’s turn it is next! They love it so much that I can hardly get any pictures of them – they are always on the go! But here are some of them in action!

Archie (2) loves to ride it like this…
Xavier (4)
Bella (6)

If you are looking for a Christmas present the kids will love, or you are looking to invest in a scooter that will last – I think the Globber Evo 5 in 1 is the perfect choice.

You can find full details here


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Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.