Give your kids the gift of financial literacy this Christmas

Money Savvy Kids Gift of financial literacy this Christmas

Give your kids the gift of financial literacy this Christmas

With just days to go until 25 December, we are rapidly approaching the crazy Christmas period spending spree.

According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, in 2016 Australians splashed out over a billion dollars a day during the second-half of November and all of December.

Overspending at Christmas can really hit your personal finances with savings accounts drained and credit card bills going through the roof.

When we start to hear ‘I want this, I want that, and I really want that too’ it’s a great time to start teaching your kids the value of money and how to manage it.

With cashless transactions like Tap & Pay, kids today can struggle to grasp that real money is actually exchanged and, as a result, have less understanding of money than we did at the same age.

So what can we do to help teach them financial literacy during the annual Christmas spending spree?

Introducing the Money Savvy Kids program that is all about helping Aussie kids get smart about money.

Money Savvy Kids Christmas gift
Helping your kids be smart with money

Queensland financial adviser Dianne Charman is the brains behind the program and is a passionate advocate for building financial literacy in kids from a young age.

In the lead up to Christmas, Money Savvy Kids have introduced the Money Savvy Pig to teach children ages four to 11 about sound money management techniques for life.

It’s the piggy bank for the 21st Century with four-slots and separate chambers for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest.

This multi-award winning educational tool shows kids that depositing money is something tangible.

Having your kids keep records of what money comes in and what money goes out helps to teach them the value of a dollar they earn and how to manage finances.

The Money Savvy Pig’s separate chambers for Save, Spend, Donate and Invest are designed to help you introduce concepts like delayed gratification and charitable giving.

A 24-page colouring and activity book is also available with the Money Savvy Pig so kids can learn about concepts such as bartering, interest earned on their savings, goal-setting, smart-spending, donating, long-term investing and entrepreneurship.

The best thing you can do this Christmas period is to give your kids some responsibility and an opportunity to manage money so they understand its value from an early age.

The Money Savvy Piggybanks are available for $29.95 online at Money Savvy Kids.


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