Fun Easter Lunchbox Ideas

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Fun Easter Lunchbox Ideas

We are almost at the end of the first school term. There has been much excitement for Easter this year. We always try to do something special and fun over Easter that helps to connect our family.

It is a great time of year to build family memories and have some fun together. Usually, we all get to have the 4 days of Easter off to spend together so that is a bonus too.

One of the things we like to do to make Easter special is to pack fun lunchboxes for school, kindy or family picnics.

Since we pack one for every member of our family it is like a mini Easter Hunt just for them. It doesn’t matter if it is raining either, as it often does over the Easter long weekend, as we can just set up our picnic in the lounge room. In fact, the kids almost prefer it if it is raining, for some reason, it feels more fun to have a picnic in the lounge room as opposed to one outside.

My kids favorite Easter Lunchbox

This is the most fun!

By far, the favorite Easter Lunchbox is to have all of their snacks and lunch put into the plastic eggs (as shown above).

All you have to do is buy a set of plastic eggs from a department store (we got ours from Kmart – but you can get them from the reject shop, Target and some grocery stores), chop up their usual lunch into smaller bite-sized pieces and tuck them into the eggs and close them up.

You can have a new food for each egg, but I doubled up with 2 eggs having the same food in them. We used grapes, raspberries, leftover pizza, cheese, avocado and pizza shapes.

This is another way to display your Easter lunchbox…

Ideas for foods to include:

Sandwiches, berries, chopped fruit, sausages, veggie sticks with hummus, a chocolate egg, yogurt, small cupcakes and anything that you can safely cut up small.

Look how happy Bella was to be eating her special Easter Lunch:

So so so excited!

As I said earlier, this is easily my kids favorite way to enjoy a special Easter lunch.

Other fun Easter Lunch Box Ideas include:

Easter Bunny Themed Lunch Box

Photo: Pinterest

How cute is this? Get some bunny shaped cookie cutters for the soft fruit and veggies and cut out the sandwich into a bunny shape and you have an adorable bunny themed lunchbox ready to go!

It is almost too good to eat.

Pimp Your Hot Cross Buns

Image: Woolworths. These are hot cross bun and creme egg toasties…

Now I am a bit of a traditionalist, but apparently, there are so many ways you an enjoy hot cross buns these days. From making pizza pull aparts from them to slathering them in avocado – gone are the days where you just toast them and add butter.

Really the sky is the limit! You can find a whole heap of other ideas here.

Do you have any Easter family traditions? We would love to know about them, tell us below!




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