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free activities in and around brisbane for families

Free Activities in and Around Brisbane for Families

Mums of Brisbane, there are plenty of ways we can get out and explore this great city.

As a resident of Brisbane, you will have to agree we have the BEST city in Australia! Sure Melbourne and Sydney are bigger, but bigger does not mean better.

Brisbane doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of the other cities and it is certainly more friendly.

We are a relaxed bunch of true Aussies, going about our business in a laid back way, and we love it!

Kind of explains why Queensland has the highest tourist rate in Australia. Everyone wants to be us!

So, is there anything else that can make our gorgeous city any better?

Free stuff of course!

Here at Mums of Brisbane, we have compiled a list of the top activities you can do with the family that are absolutely FREE.

Yep, free activities in and around Brisbane… I told you it just got better!

  1. South Bank – This is our number one free activity to take the kids too. If you haven’t been you are seriously missing out. Despite having the best beaches in Australia, we had to go and create a beach in the middle of the city! That’s right, you can lay on the sand or paddle in the water overlooking the stunning Brisbane skyline. A must see.
  2. CityHopper – Kids loves boats. Why not take them on a boat ride on the CityHopper, a cute little red boat that dashes from one side of the river to the other travelling between Sydney Street terminal in New Farm Park and North Quay in the CBD. Good news, this one is completely free.
  3. City Sounds – Love music? Did you know Brisbane has Australia’s largest free live music program! Local artistsĀ and touring bands perform on stages in the Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square, South Bank and other locations around Brisbane. A great variety of homegrown talent on display.
  4. New Farm Park – It’s not hard to see why New Farm Park is one of the city’s most visited parks. It has acres of lush green lawns, beautiful trees and in spring you can see the blossoms line the pathway. Take the kids for a picnic, play a game of cricket or Frisbee with the dog.
  5. Queensland Museum – Explore the world through the eyes of the Queensland Museum’s Discovery Centre and Wild State Exhibitions. Entry is free and there are plenty of things to see and learn. Some exhibitions are ticketed if you are happy to pay a small fee.
  6. Hiking – Do you and your family have a passion for adventure? Why travel to the ends of the earth when you can hike and take in some gorgeous locally. Only 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD you will find some great hiking trails just waiting to be explored.
  7. Visit City Hall – You know that huge clock tower that fills the skyline of Brisbane? Well, did you know that you can travel up the tower and catch a glimpse of the city from up high? Take the lift that leaves every 15 minutes during opening hours for a ride up the clock tower in the original lift. It is free!
  8. Swim at Wynnum Wading Pool – Popular with the kids, Wynnum Wading Pool was built during the depression of the 1930’s and is a tidal concrete pool that is fun at both high tide and low tide. Enjoy a swim during high tide or chase soldier crabs and play on the activity equipment during low tide. With yummy fish and chip shops nearby, it is a great day out on a warm sunny day.
  9. Collect Herbs at Epicurious Garden – Get the kids excited about fresh food and gardening at the Epicurious Garden set right within the South Bank Parklands. If you drop in on Tuesday or Thursday between 7am – 2pm you can enjoy fresh pickings from the harvest cart.
  10. The Cube – Got an inquisitive little mind on your hands? Why not take them to The Cube within the QUT for an interactive learning experience. The worlds largest, your little thinker will have a ball with the hands on learning experiences on offer.

So go on, get out there and explore this great city. It won’t cost you a cent!


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.