Mum Friendly Fitness Classes

Mum Friendly Fitness Classes In Brisbane

Your body changes after you have had a baby. There are no two ways about it – sometimes, there are things that you can no longer do after having a baby. You need to find an exercise class or provider who really gets it. Who will know why you don’t want to do box jumps at 10 weeks postpartum and who understands that you are a warrior for bringing forth new life into the world.

That’s why you need to check out our list of fitness providers or classes in Brisbane that are Mum Friendly.

There are so many ways you can still use your body, obviously, but it is best to do it with someone who understands the unique journey has been on.

Happy exercising!

Love ur Body is a women-only boxing/fitness class. It incorporates a mix of cardio, bag work and weight training. All fitness levels are welcome, toddlers and babies are welcome too. A place to meet like-minded supportive women with the same goals. Together let’s get active and achieve our best level of health and wellness.

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My Fit Tribe – Bootcamps and Fitness solutions that support Mums at all fitness levels!

Are you uncomfortable with the idea of going to a gym, but still want to get active and lose weight?

My Fit Tribe offers the best Outdoor boot camps in Brisbane.  A great way to start your fitness journey, and an added bonus to be training with other like-minded women, and other Mums!

My Fit Tribe’s group classes incorporate all of the best elements of training in the great outdoors. Motivating and mood-boosting workouts with women who get it and get YOU. With a great variety of classes, My Fit Tribe gives you a taste of everything – strength (weights training), boxing, agility, cardio, meditation and more.

With the most child-friendly Women’s Classes in Brisbane, MFT offers qualified babysitters at all morning classes.  These amazing angels love nothing more than to supervise, cuddle, rock prams, push swings and entertain your little ones while you get time for YOU.

The Tribe is waiting for you – join a class today!

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