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Career Services in Brisbane

After you become a mum it can often be a time when you question how you want your career to look moving forward.

For some of us, it can be a time of uncertainty not knowing what direction we would like to take next.

It can be beneficial to seek out a Career Service in Brisbane that offers one-on-one coaching or career workshops to help you find your next step into a fulfilling career.

Here are our favourite Career Services in Brisbane.

After having children, have you found that you have gained more perspective around your priorities when it comes to paid work which takes you away from your kids?

A lot of mums find that after having children, they are looking for a career that offers greater flexibility so they can be more involved in their kid’s lives.
Career Vitality is headed up by Principal Consultant, Donna Thistlewaite, who is passionate about supporting people in their career and life journey.

Through one-on-one coaching or the high value, reasonably priced CareerSmart Mums workshops (offered in-person or online) you can learn the skills to successfully return to work and feel empowered to participate in the workforce.

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