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Sleep Consultants In Brisbane

It’s hard to be a parent these days. Not only do you have all the guilt about all the things, but you are also usually doing it all on about 2 hours of sleep per night! If you need some help you should consider engaging a sleep consultant in Brisbane.

Sleep can be such a sensitive issue for Mums. Sometimes it comes down to the temperament of your baby. Not only is every baby different, but your first baby might also be totally different from your second (or third or fourth!)

You don’t have to suffer in silence though, you can get a good nights sleep, it sometimes just takes a little bit of work.

There is a reason sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture – it is very difficult to cope with #mumlife when you are exhausted. I remember dreading night times with my eldest daughter. Nights seemed like they lasted forever in a foggy, delirious dream – but it really didn’t have to be that way.

I wish I had of priorities my needs, and my basic human need for sleep and engaged a sleep consultant.

After all – what price would you pay to get a good nights sleep?

Check out our list of sleep consultants in Brisbane and get yourself some sweet, restorative sleep.

Dream Winks is a Brisbane Based Holistic Sleep & Feeding Consultant. Catherine has 10 years experience working with babies and toddlers from birth to 5 yrs in regards to everything: sleep, settling and feeding. Sleep and feeding go hand in hand, so having a consultant qualified in both just makes sense! Catherine founded Dream Winks to be able to bring her approach, which is very baby-led, to more families in exactly the way they need it. With Dream Winks you will receive an extremely detailed and comprehensive approach that is both holistic and science-based. It will address everything that can affect sleep and settling – including dietary issues – before any settling takes place. Catherine works with a variety of settling methods to suit every family – it is always your choice.

Dream Winks offers a range of consultation options and will work with you to find the best solution for your family. Every option comes complete with a detailed, personalised sleep plan and full support for a minimum of 2 weeks – plus a lot more! Everything is fully tailored to your little one and your family. Whether you are looking for a phone consultation or in-home help from 3 hrs to a full night, Dream Winks can help.

If you need sleep and settling help and are looking for an approach that is different to traditional consultants and sleep schools, then look no further than Dream Winks.

You can also take advantage of a free phone consultation to discuss your issues and see just how Dream Winks can help you.

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