Five Great Walks Mums of Brisbane Can Do With a Pram

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Five Great Walks Mums of Brisbane Can Do With a Pram

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved going for a walk with the baby in the pram or a carrier.

However when you have a baby or a toddler you can sometimes be restricted as to where you can go. Not only do you need to pack a bag that seems like it has everything but the kitchen sink in it (still choosing a nappy bag? read our reviews here), you need locations that are accessible for you and baby as well.

We have put together a list of five great walks for mums with baby carriers or prams so you can get out amongst nature and relax.

We have tried to include walks with playgrounds as well so that if you do have a toddler you can take breaks. Plus we have tried to include coffee stops as well!

Kedron Brook Pathway – Mitchelton, Ashgrove, Grange, Lutwchye – North Brisbane
Kedron Brook – This is where you can feed the ducks.

The pathways along Kedron Brook go incredibly far, much further than you can likely go with a pram, so it is good to find a suitable entrance point and go from there. We would recommend entering just near the Grange library and walking up the brook and then to Windsor Expresso House to pick up a coffee, then you can go as far as Toombul shopping center if you wanted (you could pop into Kmart), although that would be a fair distance. The bonus is that there is a spot to feed the ducks along the Kedron Brook and a few playgrounds along the way as well. It is a bit exposed here along some areas so bring a sunshade for the pram, if needed.

There is a link to the map for it here

Enoggera Creek Trail – Newmarket, Windsor – North Brisbane
It’s lovely and shady

This is a shady walk along Enoggera Creek in North Brisbane, If you start at Newmarket (entry from Finsbury St – HEAPS of parking) then join the walk to the right, you will head on a very shady and cool walk along the creek. There are a couple of playgrounds along the way and you end up at the Northey Street City Farm, which is focused on bringing sustainability and market gardens to the city. If you are happy to detour a little bit head up Noble street and pick up a coffee from Krave Café in the Windsor Homemaker Centre, you wont be disappointed!

A link to the map is here

New Farm Park Riverwalk – New Farm, Teneriffe – North Brisbane
New Farm Park is always a good choice.

You can either catch the ferry or park the car at New Farm Park itself. Drop by the café at the Powerhouse and pick up your take away latte, and then power down the river taking in the sights and sounds of Newfarm and Teneriffe. You can sticky beak at the mansions on the other side of the river and dream of the day you own one as well. Once you are done, the playground at New Farm Park is awesome for the kids, even if its just a quick swing for the baby.

More info here

Stockland Creek Walking Track – Koala Bushlands – South Brisbane
You might spot some Koalas

This is really a walk amoungst nature. The Koala Bushlands have been an area set aside to preserve the natural habitat of the South Easts Regions Koala population. They have a number of walking tracks, but the best one for prams is the Stockyard Creek Walking track, which should take around 50 mins. While there isn’t a playground along this track, the kids can be entertained by looking for koalas and watching water dragons splash in the creek. You will need to pick up a coffee before you go too, as there are none on the way.

More info, including a detailed map here

Eddie Santagiuliana Way – Raby Bay Harbour – CLEVELAND
A beautiful walk through the trees.

Named after a former local councilor and Mayor. The walk has a few slight gradients, so perfect if you are looking for a bit of exercise. You can start the walk at the parklands and then walk through several different habitats. A great walk for seeing how diverse the landscape can be in south east Queensland.

You can find more information here

This is just the first in our ‘pram walks’ instalments. Obviously there are many more around Brisbane, but this is just a start.

If you let us know one of your favorites we can feature it next time!


Katie is the Creative Director at Mums of Brisbane. She loves coffee, sleep and social media, not necessarily in that order. Most days will find her blogging, trying to keep up with the kids, and praying they will sleep. She lives with her husband and three children in beautiful Brisbane.


Katie -


Katie is the Managing Director and Editor of Mums of Brisbane. Most days will find her drinking copious amounts of coffee, cuddling her kids and trying not to step barefoot on lego. Katie lives in Beautiful Brisbane with her husband and four gorgeous children.