Empowering Online Programs

Empowering Online Programs

At Mums of Brisbane, we passionately believe in continuing to better yourself. After you have children, you are still a person who deserves to follow their dreams and passions while being a mother. We are not advocates of Motherhood Myrterdom – you are so important and you deserve to put yourself first too. That’s why we believe in these empowering online programs.

Sometimes, as busy busy busy Mothers, it can feel impossible to find the time to work on yourself.

Luckily, there are passionate mothers and women who believe in you and want to help you to be the best version of yourself.

Whether it is by a fitness, mindfulness or organisation program. There is something available online to suit you and that super busy life of yours!

All you need to do, is find the one that suits your needs and get started…


360-mind-body-reset-DanniFITtreprenueur by day, mother and wife by night – Danni Vee goes beyond your “typical” fitness brand and creates a community that stands for the power of women.

Danni focuses on leading women through her intuitive, health-focused and mindful approach.  She is deeply passionate in reconnecting women with their innate power within.

As a leader in Creating Confident Women, Danni uses her expertise to create Australia’s next true ‘wellbeing’ platform. Offering everything from a leading online program for those who need virtual support, to a range of in-person workshops and retreats offered throughout the year — ensuring that women have access to all the tools they require to be the best version of themselves.

Danni Vee is more than just a fitness brand, a nutritionist and a mind coach – she is the next step to a more confident and powerful you.

Currently, Danni offers a life-changing 8-week Wellness Program (360 Mind Body Reset) which has changed the lives of 100s of her clients already!  This program can be joined both online and face to face offering workshops, weekly live calls, start-up guides including recipes, nutrition guides and more.  Our next intake is starting soon, and her programs sell out quickly – contact Danni today to be sure to claim one of the very limited places for this program.