Do You Read To Your Kids Everyday?

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Do You Read To Your Kids Everyday?

Raise your hand if you read to your child everyday.

I won’t judge you if your hand isn’t raised. There are some days where I actually don’t read aloud to my children.

Oh gosh, I can’t believe I actually admitted that.

It doesn’t make me a bad parent, but it does make room for improvement. As an early childhood educator, I know the benefits of reading aloud to children. It’s incredibly important that EVERYDAY my children sit down and listen to me read them a book. I feel guilty knowing that there have been days when this hasn’t occurred… and even more guilty that I’m being honest and telling all you about my ‘failings as a mother.’

Please don’t judge me, I am doing the best that I can. I know I can do better and I am trying to do better everyday.

I actually LOVE children’s books and reading. Actually, I am part of the way through writing a children’s book; but that’s a tale for another day.

There are some days we read five books in one sitting. I love slowing down and spending quality time with my children. I love knowing that I am helping develop their minds, but sometimes life gets in the way and we miss a day.

It’s time to change that.

But Where Is The Green Sheep?

Mem Fox (the incredible Australian author of books like our favourite, “Where is the Green Sheep?”) once said “children need to hear a thousand stories before they can begin to learn to read.” So if I start reading a few books a day, I should be right by the time my oldest starts prep in 2019!

Reading to your kids is fun too! 

Reading to your children is so much more than getting them prep reading & ‘teaching them to read’. It is about teaching them the life-long skill of loving to read.

Reading books develops your child’s understanding of the world and stimulates their imagination. A few years ago, Victorian researchers also found that reading to children up to seven days a week puts them almost a year ahead of those who are not being read to!

Now motherhood and parenting is not a competition about who is the better reader, but we can all agree we just want the best for our children.

This is very loved in our household!

So whether your bookcase if filled to the brim with books or you need to head to you local library to borrow a few new ones, let’s all make the pact to read one book, or even a recipe, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Our current household favourites are: ‘Press Here’ by Hervé Tullet, ‘Under the Love Umbrella’ by Davina Bell and the much loved classic ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell.

What books do you and your children love?

Emmy is a writer, mother, dreamer, doer and is completely obsessed with great espresso. She loves capturing the beauty amongst the chaos on her Instagram @the.oneills

Somedays Emmy wants diamonds + other days chickens. The struggle is real.



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