Cute Ways To Track Your Child’s Growth Through The Years

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ways to track your childs growth through the years

Cute Ways To Track Your Child’s Growth Through The Years

Kids grow up so fast, and as a parent, it can sometimes feel like you ‘blink and miss it’ when it comes to your own children’s growth, particularly among the busy day-to-day activities of family life. That’s why it’s so nice to do some little things over the years to track your child’s growth, not just for you but also for them when they get older. As they grow, kids become more and more interested in their own past, and it’s a great bonding experience to be able to share how little they were once.

Whether you’ve got little babies or bigger kids, it’s never too late to start tracking your child’s growth. There are lots of different ways to do it, and depending on what you enjoy doing, your own personal style, and the time on your hands, we’ve compiled a few suggestions.

The Plush Comparison

One often-seen method of tracking your child’s growth from the time they are a tiny little newborn to a bouncing baby and beyond is to use a favourite plush toy. When your child is born, or not long after, get one of the many soft toys you likely have floating around your house and pop it next to your child to take a snap. Repeat this over the years, with the same toy. It’s even more meaningful if the toy is a gift from someone special, or even something handmade. Looking back, it’s amazing to see your little baby grow and grow while the toy remains the same size!


This is a great option for families who have somewhat older kids now, who have missed the boat on the newborn growth tracking and want to get started with something more age appropriate. Have your kids stand back-to-back with a parent every 6-12 months and snap a picture. Over the years your kids will get bigger and bigger, while mum and dad stay the same size and then even start to shrink! Try and take the pictures up against a plain background of a similar colour, so they can be easily displayed side-by-side.

Hold Up High

Something of a comedic undertaking in the later years, this growth-tracking method is super easy and lots of fun. It simply involves either mum or dad lifting their kid (or kids!) off the ground for a quick photo. This is probably going to be easy to do when they’re young, but as they get older it’s more of an effort, and really more of a laugh, for mum or dad to haul the kid up as high as they can. Be careful you don’t injure yourself, the rule is that the child (or children) only has to be just off the ground!

Classic Wall Chart

Most family homes across the world have this classic growth measurement tucked away somewhere behind a door or along a wall. It’s easy if you own your own home, just have your kids stand up and have their height marked along with a name and a date along the wall. For those who are renters or move regularly, you can get a nice cloth wall hanging to make the marks on instead, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Siblings In A Line

If you’ve got more than one child, there’s an even greater realm of possibilities to be unlocked in tracking their growth over the years. One of our favourites is just to have your kiddies stand (or sit if they’re too little) side-by-side for a photograph. If you want consistency, take the picture on a plainer background and watch over the years as those little kiddies grow into tweens, teens and adults! The more consistently you take the picture (i.e. every 6-12 months) the more you’ll see those little changes reflected in your kids.

Yes, You Fit Into That!

Younger children are often blown away by the fact that they were babies once, so small that they could fit into their mother’s tummy and be held lightly in the hands. The only way to really see this once they’re bigger is with baby clothes. A cute method of tracking growth then is to keep one sentimental item from your child’s baby days and have them hold it out in front of them or lay it on their shirt, for a photo. Kids will love looking back at how small those baby clothes seemed, and how it became even smaller as they grew!

How do you track your child’s growth?


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