Creative Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork

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Creative ways to display your kid's artwork

Creative Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork

If your child goes to daycare or they are in the first few years of school their works of art coming home in their bag is a common occurrence.

While I would like to say that I have enough room to display it all on the fridge the reality is most of it ends up in a pile in the corner of the bench.

With Bella starting Prep this year I wanted to find a fun way to display the artwork she brings home.

Here are the most creative ways I found to display your kid’s artwork.

Kids Art Wall Display

Purchase some cheap frames, add the artwork in and make a great feature wall in one of the rooms.

Kids Art Wall Display
Source: Artful Parent

Digital Frame

Scan a copy of your children’s artwork and display them in a digital frame with rotating images. This is a great way to take the issue of picking favourites out of the equation. You can have as many as your USB will hold.

digital frame kids artwork
Source: The Organised Housewife

Private Gallery

I love this idea to utilise the space on the back of a door. Simply create some frames with decals on paint on the wall and have your own ready-made private gallery where you can easily interchange the artwork on a regular basis.

private gallery
Source: Stuck on You

Floating Wall Shelves

Purchase some cost-effective floating wall shelves and some cheap frames and create a kids art display area in your home. The frames are easy to change out and rotate the artwork as new works of art arrive home from school.

floating wall shelves
Source: Artful Parent

Clipboard Display

You can paint or cover the clipboards to match your décor. Voila! You have an instant, forever changing art gallery.

clipboard art display
Source: Tip Junkie

DIY Bunting

This is such a fabulous idea and I plan to do it with my younger boys works of art. Cut into triangle shapes, use a hole punch and weave through a piece of string. Then use some hooks to hang on a wall.

bunting kids artwork
Source: Design Improvised

Peg Art Wall

Hang up some pieces of string and use some small pegs to display artwork. This works great as an option to be able to change out the artwork on a regular basis.

Peg and string display
Source: Design Improvised

Cute Curtain Rod

This is an adorably creative way to show off paintings and school crafts. Use ring clips to attach artwork to the rod then sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

curtain rod art displays
Source: Country Living

Fridge Facelift

Rather than tacking your little one’s finger painting onto the fridge with a magnet, upgrade the facade of your fridge with magnetic picture frames.

Fridge facelift
Source: How does she

Clothes hangers

This is a simple and easy way to rotate through different artwork that your child brings home.

Clothes hangers
Source: The Design Tabloid

Get digital

Take a photo of your child’s masterpiece then tag and save it to the Artkive App. When you are ready you can have it printed in a display book.

Christmas presents for the grandparents is sorted.

Source: Mums Grapevine

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