Confessions of a One Year Old – Kitchen Drawers

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Confessions of a One Year Old – Kitchen Drawers

Mum has the kitchen cupboards ALL WRONG!

Things are all in the wrong drawers and shelves. I just don’t know how she stands it.

Every day I get the urge to help rectify it but every time, she just directs me to the plastics drawer.

Which is next to the pantry. Still.

Now why is it still the plastics drawer?

Because Mum never lets me finish emptying it in order to put everything from the plates drawer back in the right drawer, which is of course the one below the plates, which should be for the pots and pans… and don’t get me started on the cutlery drawer.

I am getting quicker at grabbing big handfuls of cutlery and dropping them all over the floor. But I still need more practice (mum’s very protective of the knives).

I even try and get everything straight from the dishwasher and put it on the floor, just to save time.

Luckily I get distracted…

It must  be said that I do get distracted a lot.

I get a wooden spoon and bang on the pots and pans, as loud as I can they try it out with the bowls and lids too.

They just make such a cool sound! It’s so nice and loud… who doesn’t love that sound?

The true reason why I never get to finish is because Mum sneakily distracts me with food. It is so hard to resist.

Sometimes I throw the food in the floor in protest, but who am I kidding? I know I want it, so I pick it up off the floor and eat it like any normal person would.

I know Mum is getting serious when she offers me milk. I’m done! Who on earth can resist milk?

So I have my milk, and for at least 5 minutes afterwards I am hypnotized by the sweet warm & fuzzy feeling of milk going into my belly and become milk drunk, ahh, miiiiiilk!

Giving Mum just enough time to undo all of my hard work.

Far Out Mum!

Doesn’t she know she needs to make the most of my enthusiasm when I’m young?

My older brother has no interest in cleaning drawers at all.

One day she’ll see I’m the golden child.

Off I go now to the toy room now to rearrange all the toys she JUST. PACKED. AWAY.

It is out of love that I do this, so I will persist.

Mum, you’re welcome.

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