Confessions of a 1 year old – No. 1

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The reason our house is so… clean.

I’ll tell you a secret, I clean all the time. It’s okay, I enjoy it and I love helping mum out.

Most of the time, I clean my toys in the most convenient place possible, the toilet. It’s good for my brother’s favorite toys, awesome for Lego (the little stuff) and plush toys.

I see mum taking little pieces of paper off a roll and putting it in bit by bit. She’s like that, she’s really patient, bless. I try and help her by putting the whole roll in at once, sometimes I even put in more than one. She tries to stop me, but whenever she’s not looking I do it anyway, just to save time. She’s even put them up high on the window ledge but she can’t stop me helping her, so I climb up on the toilet and to get them down.

Whilst I’m there I have a look on the vanity and make sure there’s nothing else that needs washing like make-up, toothbrushes or deodorant. I’m just so helpful.

Like when I see mum’s water bottle lid off, I know it’s a sign to clean the floor or furniture. So I take it upon myself to empty its contents as far and wide around the house as possible.

Yep, I know how to win mums heart, then she comes around with a cloth and wipes it up, and clean as a whistle.

Actually… Mum’s phone makes a whistling sound, that’s another thing I need to clean in the toilet later.

I know I don’t need to help out, it’s just my instinct. And I do really enjoy it.

Mum, you’re welcome.


Bel is a mum of two who lives in Brisbane, she loves cheese, wine and is always up for a something new. Most days will find her playing Lego (those bits that haven’t gone in the toilet), helping superheroes save the day and cherishing her beautiful boys.


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