The Cash Back App – Putting Cold Hard Cash Back In Your Pocket

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The Cash Back App – Putting Cold Hard Cash Back In Your Pocket!

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As a Mum with 3 little kids and one on the way, I am always looking for ways I can save some cash.

My usual ways include shopping at Aldi (a nightmare with 3 kids), making my own bread and cooking at home as much as possible.

In the past I have tried completing online surveys entering competitions, too little to no reward. I soon forgot about them pretty quickly once I realized I had to invest so much time into them for little to no return.

One hour of my time for $5? Ahhhh no thanks.

Since I realized the payoff wasn’t worth it, I haven’t really paid much attention to Cash Reward or Cash Back style apps or websites.

That is, until I heard about The Cash Back App.

The Cash Back App has been developed with both Consumers and small businesses in mind. Local businesses offer a percentage discount to members who complete the entire transaction via either the App itself or on the in-store merchant terminal.

The really amazing thing?

Cash Back transactions are processed instantly.

You can easily find merchants around you…

You will see the funds in your app immediately and you can choose to take these rewards as CASH if you want to. No store credit, no gift vouchers – you can elect to transfer the built-up money rewards directly into your bank account.

Just loaded this. Got cash back on my lunch. Checking out the travel deals now. Woohoo!’

Bronwyn Peyton

How Does The Cash Back App Work?

The business elects they amount of discount they will offer customers. The discount is then broken down into 5 different components:

50% is cashback – It goes straight to your digital wallet

20% is loyalty – Only redeemable in the store you purchased from

15% is Community – The affiliate program

15% is for Charity and Running the Cash Back App  – Sent to your nominated registered charity (there are about 20 to choose from – 15% of this amount goes to your charity of choice).



Here is a better breakdown

If you spend $100 – of the 10% discount:

$5 goes straight back to you as Cashback

$2 goes to the store loyalty program, redeemable in that store only

$1.50 goes to The Cash Back App Affiliate program.

$1.50 goes to running the Cash Back App and a charity of your choice

Plus the more you use the app – the more likely you are to win some of the great prizes that are on offer as well.

Who is onboard?

Some of the big names that are on board with The Cash Back App include: Woolworths, Caltex, Big W, AMART, BCF, BWS, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sports, Supercheap Auto and hundreds of local businesses across Brisbane and Australia.

‘I talk to a lot of small businesses and many of them ask about loyalty programs. For a long time I couldn’t suggest anything to them, but The Cash Back App has changed this! This is going to change the way a lot of people shop and will help support local businesses.’

Ashley Watt

This is what I thought…

The App is easy to use – the prompts to help

The app literally ‘soft’ launched last night and I downloaded it and checked it out. Soft launch means it hasn’t been taken out to the public just yet – giving you an early entry opportunity – just because you follow Mums of Brisbane!

It was really easy to navigate, it is straightforward, and I could figure out what I needed to do to make it work.

There were great travel discounts, and the discounts for some of the major retailers come in the form of purchasing gift cards – however, these are ecards that are redeemable straight away.


I did notice that there isn’t as many local businesses as I expected to see, however, The Cash Back App has assured me that they are very busily signing up new local businesses and that this is expected to be a period of huge growth for them – with heaps of local businesses coming onboard.

I was very excited to see Charlies Fruit Market on the app offering the 10% discount (with the breakdown of 5% cashback, 2% loyalty, 1.5% to affiliates and 1.5% to a charity and to run the cash back app).

You can use it easily in store.

Looking around the app I can see mechanics, cafes, hairdressers, gyms, Chemists, lawyers, florists, garden centres and many more already on board.

The points that I love are that it helps to support local businesses and charities, keeping money within the community.

I think it is a really exciting way to save some money and support your community at the same time. It is win-win for everyone. Plus if you get friends to sign up via your link – you become part of the affiliate program too.

I recommend it and I am excited to see its growth over the next few months.

I also think it is a great way for mums to support their community but make some extra money for themselves. Follow our link, sign up, register and then share your link with your friends and family!

The way that you make money is via the affiliate program – with money flowing back through to you from the people who sign up via your link. They then get their own link, and money flows back to them too – just from going shopping!

The App has had a great response in Townsville and Newcastle where it was launched and tested late last year.

If you would like to check it out – you can sign up via my affiliate link here

*The app is still in ‘soft launch’ phase, which means that there are some kinks to be ironed out with the app. However, it is a great opportunity to get on board before the full launch, and take advantage of the great affiliates program.*

Katie x

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