The Best Lunchboxes For Back To School 2018

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Best lunchboxes for 2018

The Best Lunchboxes For Back To School 2018

With my eldest heading off to Prep very soon, I am now well and truly in back to school mode. One of the things I found the hardest to decide on was what lunchbox to get for her. With so many choices of features, compartments and designs it can get overwhelming deciding on what will work best.

I’ve done the research for you and put together my top picks for the best lunchboxes for back to school in 2018.

What to look for in a lunchbox

If you have a little one starting big school like I do make sure you help them become familiar with their lunchbox and packaging before they start school. Unfamiliar lunchboxes can be tricky for little hands to open so practice a week or so before if you can and try and choose one that is kid friendly.

Other things you want to look for is a lunchbox that will be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You also want to consider one that has separate sections for different foods. Plus you might need a separate one for little ones who have munch and crunch time in the morning so they don’t get confused and eat all their food in the morning.

You want to look for a lunchbox that is big enough to fit a sandwich, fruit and some snacks but is not too big to fit comfortably in the school bag.

Lunchbox Tips

With kids in Brisbane starting school in just about the hottest time of the year making sure food is kept cool is important. So I am opting for an insulated lunch bag as well as the lunchbox.

A great tip that I plan to use is to freeze a bottle of water as this will act as an ice pack and keep food cold until lunchtime when the drink should melt enough to consume.

The best lunchboxes for 2018

Of the many lunchboxes I looked at these ones are my favourite.

Yumbox Panino

This is a bento style lunchbox that has 4 compartments. I like that it can fit a full sandwich in there as well as some snacks, fruit and sides.
I have found my kids like variety so a bento style lunchbox suits us really well as we don’t need to worry about separate containers for everything.

There is an easy-to-use latch for the little ones and they get a big wrap for their leakproof design so that things like yoghurt and sauce will not make a mess everywhere and get all over other food that is packed.

Best lunchboxes 2018 Yumbox Panino
The Yumbox Panino makes a great choice

Yumbox MiniSnack

To complement the Yumbox Panino for lunch a Yumbox MiniSnack snack box is the perfect choice for munch and crunch or crunch and sip time for primary school-aged kids.

The pre-portioned sections make it great to offer a variety of delicious healthy food.

Again they have a leakproof design and a kid-friendly latch for easy opening and closing.

They will fit in most insulated lunch bags with a Yumbox Panino and an ice pack.

Best lunchboxes yumbox mini 2018
The Yumbox MiniSnack is perfect for crunch and sip time

Fuel Bento Lunch Box

This lunchbox might not look as pretty as some of the other bento style options out there but it is super practical and the size makes it good for adults too.

The two inner containers can be used separately with one having three sections and the other having just one making it good for sandwiches.

It is a good affordable option and might suit slighter older kids who are over the cutesy stage.

Fuel Bento Lunch Box
Great for older kids too

Smash Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunchbox

If you are looking for a cost-effective option for a lunchbox this one is a wise choice. They are designed to reduce waste by having a space for everything so you don’t need to use extra packaging such as plastic lunch bags or glad wrap.

There are three compartments with two leak-proof containers. If you have a child who has a very good chance of losing their lunchbox then this can be an affordable option.

Nude food lunchbox
Eliminates the need for packaging and waste

Sistema Slimline Quaddie

This is another budget-friendly option that has multiple compartments and comes with a box size drink bottle. I would be more inclined those to use the lunch bottle as an ice pack as opposed to your child’s main drink bottle.

School-aged children’s should be ok opening all of the compartments but make sure you try it with them first. It has a good amount of space to fit to fit a sandwich and snacks. One bugbear I have with it is that an apple can’t fit if whole which is a little annoying.

But for the price, it is a great option.

Sistema Slimline Quaddie Pink
A cost-effective option if your kids are prone to losing their lunchboxes

Goodbyn Bynto

This one has three compartments so you can include a sandwich, fruit and snacks. The ‘ears’ feature on the lids makes it easy for little hands to get the lid off.

With this lunchbox though you would need separate containers for things like yoghurt and I find the more separate parts you have the more likely they are to get lost.

Goodbyn bynto blue grande
Easy for little hands to open

Bentgo Kids Bento Lunchbox

This lunchbox is a great size for primary school-aged kids. The rubber overlay means it can handle the rough and tumble of bouncing around in a school backpack.

It has 5 compartments with the largest section being able to fit a half sandwich.

The inner tray is both microwavable and dishwasher safe.

BentGo Lunchbox
Rubber overlay is great for rattling around in a school bag

Planet Box

This stainless steel option makes a good alternative to plastic and makes cleaning it really easy. It is an eco-friendly option and comes in three different sizes.

The individual compartments are great to keep food separate so come lunchtime the food still looks tasty and appealing for your little ones.
You can decorate with magnets but they are sold separately or you can purchase the complete kit.

I ruled this one out as I found it an expensive option here in Australia compared to others. It also isn’t leakproof so that was a deal breaker for me. But I can see it would be a really good option for a lunchbox that will easily handle the knocks it will take in the kid’s school bag for many years to come.

Planet Box
An eco-friendly stainless steel option


Little Lunchbox Co Bento Five

The Bento Five which has one compartment for each of the five food groups. It allows you to pack wet foods like yoghurt next to sandwiches with the risk of it spoiling what is next to it.

A sandwich will fit in well and it managed to store a lot of other food as well. It is up there with the Yumbox for me as my top picks.

Little Lunch Box Co Bento Five Superhero
The superhero design is always a hit

Lunch Bags

As mentioned earlier with the heat in Brisbane and with school bags often exposed to the sun keeping food cool to lunch required an insulated lunch bag. These two are my favourites.

SoYoung insulated lunch bag

The modern feel and super cute retro-inspired designs paired with machine washability make these our new favourites! It comes with a leak proof insulated insert for easier cleaning and to help avoid staining from spills which I think is just genius.

It fits the Yumbox Panino along with an ice pack and includes a detachable strap allowing it to be carried messenger or backpack style.

There is a back pocket for cutlery and napkins and it is a safe option being BPA-free.

Such gorgeous designs available with these practical insulated lunch bags

Apple and Mint Lunch Bags

This was the other lunch bag option I considered as it also works for the Yumbox Panino. It has a unique ice cold freezable panel that can keep food cool all day – 8 hours in fact.

It is easy to clean being made from wipe clean material and comes in a few fun designs that the kids will love.

Apple and Mint Lunch Bag
Another option with super cute designs to pick from

Do you have any other favourite lunchboxes that we might have missed? We’d love to hear what you have found works best.


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