Are You a Sleep Deprived Mum Too?

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Are You a Sleep Deprived Mum Too? 

I was on my knees rocking in a corner & praying to anyone that would listen (I wasn’t going to be picky), please… please… please make my children go to sleep!

It’s not that I don’t love their company. I do. I love my children. In fact – I adore them.

But come 7pm, that is mama time. That’s ‘me’ time. It’s not like I do anything particularly life changing in ‘me’ time; I’m not solving world peace, or learning another language, or studying medicine… generally I’m watching ‘Selling Houses Australia’ with my hubby and daydreaming about how we can be property moguls. That’s probably why we’re living in a quarter-renovated house?! But it is my time. It’s wine time. And Netflix time. And it is time where I don’t have tiny humans clinging to me, where I don’t have to wipe 100 snotty noses, or remind people to go to the toilet, or to drink water, or to say ‘NO’ one million times!

So back to my children and their inability to sleep. 

They possess an inability to actually go to sleep; and an inability to stay asleep in their own beds.

My oldest is four… he actually did sleep through (after some controlled crying at 4-months-old). Everyone used to say to me, I was soooo lucky and that my next child probably wouldn’t sleep (I don’t know why anyone would EVER think this… let alone say it aloud… but people ahem ‘other mothers’ used to say it ALL the time).

He basically was the best baby; you just had to give him a breastfeed, read him a book, give him a cuddle and voilà he would go to sleep! He was a completely amazing sleeper from 4months until he worked out how to climb out of his cot a few years later and then reached full regression at age three.

Since then EVERY NIGHT he stumbles down the hallway and climbs into our bed. Without fail. EVERY NIGHT! We’re not sure if he is awake or sleep walking; but at some point EVERY night he is in our bed.

Hahahaha My kids NEVER do this!!

I hear myself saying ‘I will never co-sleep…’ 

Hello co-sleeping family!

My youngest NEVER slept. She screamed. She was a premmie, reflux, non-sleeping baby. So I guess all those mothers who said my next baby wouldn’t sleep were right? #eyeroll #totalsarcasim. #ithink.

On no more than seven times in her lifetime would she have actually ‘slept through’.

She is TWO!

Actually nearly two and a half. She also climbed out of her cot early at 18months #nooooooo & also creeps into our bed in the middle of the night. Or she just SCREAMS. Sits up and screams until someone comforts her. She gave up day sleeps at around 18months also. If she does happen to have a total meltdown from utter exhaustion during the day and have a little nanna nap… (even for 20 mins) she will be awake until 10/10:30/11PM…

So… back to 7PM is ‘me time’.

What to do?

I go through phases. Where I know this too shall pass. The co-sleeping will pass. They won’t want to be cuddled to sleep forever. The driving around in our car until the kids go to sleep will stop.

One day I will be unable to sleep, worrying about where they are and when will they come home. But the reality is that right now, as my eyeballs are falling out of my head and my eyelids are needed to be forced open, while I drink my triple shot coffee with the worlds biggest bags under my eyes.. cue panda mama… tonight all I want is for them to go to sleep and to stay asleep!

So…. Any other mamas with me?

Emmy is a writer, mother, dreamer, doer and is completely obsessed with great espresso. She loves capturing the beauty amongst the chaos on her Instagram @the.oneills

Somedays Emmy wants diamonds + other days chickens. The struggle is real.



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  1. I hear you! I have a 2 year old for whom sleep is not a priority. Thanks for making me feel less alone in feeling the 2am sadness!

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