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Brisbane Mums Want to Hear from You!! Take Your Message to Them… NOW! 

Are you a business or brand that wants to reach the busy Brisbane mum while she gets the kids ready for school, packs lunches, does the dishes, runs errands and tries to get dinner on the table?

Well… good luck with that!

As you may have already realised…

…Trying to get the attention of a mum in the midst of her already busy day is next to impossible.

Her brain holds an unending to-do list and she’s mentally checking off items – dentist appointments, pick up dry cleaning, buy notebooks and school supplies, even as she flips through magazines, scrolls through a blog or watches TV.

No wonder then that most brands find that their ads never hit the sweet spot even after they’ve thrown thousands of dollars at designers, agencies and mass advertising methods.

It’s only natural that, as a business owner, you start to feel that the odds stacked against you and that you’d be better off not advertising because…

…Advertising SUCKS! 

Yes, it does.

That is – bad, untargeted, generic advertising does.

There’s a reason why most generic advertising fails: It reaches everyone and in the process touches no one. 

Introducing Mums of Brisbane: Where Your Ads Get the Attention They Need So Your Business Can Make the Money It Deserves 

Attention mints money.

And it turns out that you’ve found this out the expensive way.

But now there’s a better, more effective and waaaay more pocket-friendly approach to reach the mums who are actively looking for the product or service you offer. 

Mums of Brisbane gives you the edge that your competition is hunting for – the undivided, engaged and active attention of mums who want your products and are looking for them!

With Mums of Brisbane, you reach: 

And while those numbers are impressive, the real gold lies in the fact that when you advertise with us, you don’t just get another incredible media outlet to share your message… you get a GROWTH PARTNER!


Mums of Brisbane – Growing YOUR Business, One Hyper-Focused, Engaged Message at a Time 

Unlike other advertisers that you may have worked with in the past, Mums of Brisbane believes that we all profit from growing together and so we’re committed to ensuring you reach your audience, cutting through the bajillion distractions and the endless fluff.

We do this by: 

#1. Focusing exclusively on content for mums: Our blog posts, Facebook community as well as in-person events are focused exclusively on mums. Not on Dads and Mums, just Mums. So, you can be sure that your message doesn’t get diluted at all.

#2. Creating a relatable, high-touch brand that mums know, like and trust: We don’t hide behind logos and bland updates. Our community knows the faces behind Mums of Brisbane and sees us every day as we build our relationship with them, one messy, magical, joys-of-motherhood post at a time.

PLUS {and this is h-u-g-e!} we’re super selective about the brands we work with. That is why when we share your sponsored content with them, they know they can trust it.

#3. Partnering with you for growth: We give you access  to a Facebook community for our brand partners where we share tips and tricks for businesses and will hold events coming soon.

Yes, we’re committed to helping you skyrocket to success!

Ready to Get Your Brand in the Hands of Mums Who’re Looking for It? 

If you’re looking to reach mums or soon-to-be mums, aged 25-45,  who live in Brisbane, Queensland and have kids aged 0-10 years, you’re in the right place. 

The Mums of Brisbane reader is internet-savvy, an intelligent buyer, and an independent thinker. She is involved in all the buying decisions for her family, right from the laundry detergent to their next car. She reads the reviews and asks her friends for recommendations before she switches to another brand.

And while she loves the twin rabbit holes of Facebook and Instagram, she also pays close attention to the online sources she deems trustworthy.

If your business wants to reach thousands of mums in Brisbane, then let’s partner to make it happen, the guess-free, profitable way! 

Yes, I’m ready to reach more mums in Brisbane! Give us a call OR send us an email!

Questions Businesses Ask Before Saying Yes to Mums of Brisbane

What if I need a package customised for my brand’s needs? 

Absolutely! We love out-of-the-box-thinkers... we’re mums, remember! So, simply fill out the contact form above explaining what you’d like and we’ll be in touch! 

Will you give me any reports on how well an ad or post performed? 

Yes! When you choose our Premium and Premium Plus packages, we will give you data on the performance of your campaign, so you’d know exactly what worked and what connected with your customers!

I’ve advertised on blogs in the past and it bombed badly. How do I know this wouldn’t be a repeat performance? 

We’re sorry to hear that! But the fact is that most blogs are heavily diluted which means that your ad or sponsored post reaches only a fraction of their audience and is usually lost in the noise.

That is why Mums of Brisbane stands out… We’re hyper-targeted towards mums, both online and at our events, which ensures that you get their attention right off the bat! 

Why should I advertise with you instead of Google ads or Facebook ads? 

Good question! While Google ads and Facebook ads are great for driving traffic to your site, when it comes to actual purchases, mums trust other mums, and we place a great premium on the recommendations of our friends and family. When you advertise with Mums of Brisbane, you get instant credibility and a stamp of approval from us for over 25,000 LOCAL mums. 

Yes, I’m ready to reach more mums in Brisbane! 

PSST- want to know more about us before you get in touch? Check out our About Us Page here or Meet the Team Page here