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A home away from home – AppleBerries Early Education

When it comes to choosing an early education service, as a mum, I’ve always chosen based on the feeling you get when you visit the centre. Chatting with lots of other mums they mention this to me as well. When asked why they chose a centre it is often because they “just had the right feeling” during their visit that made them feel comfortable making their choice.

AppleBerries early education centre is a privately owned centre in Beenleigh that evokes this ‘home away from home’ feeling as soon as you visit for a tour.

When you ask the educators or current families what they love about the centre they will tell you ‘it just feels like home’. The AppleBerries team are very proud of this, as they know that children will learn and develop much better in an environment where they feel safe and loved.

A personal approach to early education

Creating a safe and secure environment where children grow, develop, and reach their full potential is at the heart of what AppleBerries is all about.

As a privately-owned facility, this allows their experienced educators to have a more personal approach to the way they interact with families and their children.  With the educators having over 70 years of experience in early learning, they take their time to understand each child and are empowered to make decisions that impact positively on families and children.

Tailoring curricular activities to the individual needs of the children and their varying development stages., through developmental observations, the children’s interests, and parent conversations. This helps build progressive goals for the children to ensure that they reach their developmental milestones.

HUGE outdoor place spaces for the kids!

The perfect place to play

The centre evokes interactive play, and a lot of time is spent exploring the unique and magnificent outdoor gardens and play stations that assist in the development of motor skills and creative problem-solving. AppleBerries’ backyard is a safe space where children can stimulate their imagination, engage with other children and embrace an active and healthy learning.

Most days are spent out here exploring the gardens, developing gross motor skills on the swings or climbing into the cubby house.  The slide is always popular with all ages and instigates turn taking with the children.

The giant sandpit with the water tank and riverbed is always busy.  All these seemingly simple items in the backyard are the children’s favorites and stimulate their imaginations into creating games with their peers, increasing their imaginations, encouraging self-expression and helping the children to be active and healthy.

A growing and thriving centre

As a growing centre, AppleBerries has taken the opportunity to invest back into the centre. Meaning they’ve had some very exciting renovations and enhanced service offerings that make their early learning programming and environment like no other in the Beenleigh area.

From the Lil Blossoms studio, which is a new nursery where they can nurture and care for babies from just 6 weeks of age. A full-service kitchen has been built where they now offer all-inclusive healthy meals for children of all ages and they are excited about the architecturally designed and built toddler veranda.

When you visit the centre it feels alive, exciting and energetic, which translates into happy kids. Which at the end of the day is what matters most to us mums.

Become part of the family…

Become part of the family

AppleBerries take child enrolments from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. With collectively over 70 years of experience in early learning amongst the educators, they really take the time to understand each child.

If you’d like to learn more or enrol visit https://www.appleberries.com.au

Right now, they have a great referral program happening. So if you enrol your child and you then refer the centre to a friend. You will be thanked with a Visa voucher to the dollar value of $150. Plus the referred family gets a voucher too! (T&C’s apply, see website for full information)


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