5 Tips For A High Risk Pregnancy – From A Mum Who Has Been There

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5 Tips For A High Risk Pregnancy – From A Mum Who Has Been There.

Who was the first person you called when you found out you were pregnant?

Mine was my kidney specialist. The normal medication I was one for managing my kidney disease isn’t recommended during pregnancy. That call when something like this.

Me – “I’ve had a positive pregnancy test what do I do?”

Dr- “Stop taking your medication immediately and go see you GP to confirm the pregnancy and the come and see me. Oh and Congratulations! ’.

I was over the moon with excitement, also very stunned, a little shocked, very overwhelmed and very scared. So whilst my first phone call announcing I was pregnant might have been different to everyone else I knew… the emotions I was feeling where pretty spot on!

My pregnancy was classified as a ‘high risk pregnancy’ & was all about constant medical intervention. What does that mean ‘high risk pregnancy’?  For me, it basically meant regular visits to your doctors; fortnightly actually, which turned into weekly visits very quickly. Also the knowledge that a) my kidneys might get worse from the pregnancy, b) the baby would most likely be premature and c) well that just stood for c-sec!

High Risk Pregnancy – Take it one day at a time…

That first appointment with my specialist involved hearing about steroid injections and the goal of getting to 24weeks! Then we would take the pregnancy week by week, day-by-day, hour-by-hour… the longer bubs stayed inside the better. It was scary and confusing. But because I knew from the beginning it would be like this, I was able to remain positive and upbeat… mostly though because I hate sympathy and I didn’t want people pandering over me.

Dont be afraid to ask questions

I think for me it was the unknown, which scared me most as it was out of my control. Also ‘google’ was not my friend. Please, please, please DO NOT use google ever. Especially when pregnant. It literally shows the WORST-CASE scenarios. ALWAYS! Here are a few things, which helped me get through a ‘high risk pregnancy’.

5 Top Tips:

  1. Write down questions. A lot of times you have things you want to ask your doctor, but in the middle of the appointment baby brain takes over. I used to go in every week with a MASSIVE list and then tick off each question. Cannot recommend that enough.
  2. If you are unsure about anything just ask. And if you don’t understand ASK AGAIN, and again… and again… until you understand.
  3. Surround yourself with medical professionals who you trust! I completely adored my medical team.
  4. Create a tribe of family and friends who can help you; maybe cleaning, or cooking or helping look after other children. Also accept help when people offer.
  5. Try and be prepared. Because my husband and I knew we would be having prem, we visited the NICU during our pre-natal classes. We spoke with the midwives a little about what to expect and it just helped us to know a little bit about what was coming.

I was lucky to know from the beginning that I was having a high-risk pregnancy. I had time to grieve and process this information.  Actually I had ten whole weeks of bed-rest to process this information. So in that sense I was really lucky. And whilst I didn’t write a birth plan, have control over how my baby was delivered or even experience ‘labor’ I know I am so incredible grateful for having a birthed a healthy baby. I am so grateful for my doctors who took such incredible care of my wellbeing, my baby and myself. And for the family who helped during this time.

A lot of times we can’t control everything what happens in our pregnancy.  When things happen unexpectedly it can be incredible hard to process. My biggest learning during my pregnancy was to reach out for friends and family and create a village.

How about you? 

Have you had a high-risk pregnancy? Or did you perhaps just find out your high risk? What was your experience? Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Let’s support one another in our unique pregnancy journeys.

Emmy is a writer, mother, dreamer, doer and is completely obsessed with great espresso. She loves capturing the beauty amongst the chaos on her Instagram @the.oneills

Somedays Emmy wants diamonds + other days chickens. The struggle is real.



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